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September 2022 - Dave's Toronto Strip club Reviews 

Note: $ is in $CDN = about 77% in $US so nice discount advantage in the currency i.e. $CDN100 = $77USD

New Locomotion Thursday 5:30-6:30 PM 9/1/2022
Very few dancers or customers, I need to come to clubs later at night. Had my $7 diet Pepsi and as usual, took seat on the tall chairs in the front of the bar area.  I like to be in the lane of traffic so maybe can be noticed and not at a table.  And I can move around more freely - like in the other direction if dancer I am not attracted to heard my way!

As long-time readers that have followed me for the last 20 years know I have zero interest in stage dancing or drinking. I enjoy caressing touch intimacy in dances and a dancer with a personality.   I am not attracted to large breasts, I like them not larger than C, as I love to caress them nicely, do massage on a dancer which often gets great response etc. I have no interests in extras.

In a bit Myla (sp? approaches me. Native of Toronto,  friendly face, nice smile but her breasts are just a bit too big so I said maybe later. 

There was a slender ideal breast sitting in front of me talking with I believe Arab guy in an orangeish shirt. At times I thought he was drunk, sometimes dancing with himself at the table but seem to attract a few dancers and the waitress to him with some hugs etc.  I could not tell if he was annoying or if they liked him and were having fun with him.  He didn't get any dances but I think he was paying them just to sit and be nice to him.

There were a few slimmer smaller breast dancers but seemed to ignore me as they go by.  Some dancers may not like us elders (I am 75) while others do.  I think I was attracted to Tiay (sp?) and Sky?

I was approached by another but she was definitely too heavy. I just said not now and she didn't try and convince me.  

I easily get bored and was thinking maybe I should have had dances with Myla whose breasts were not that much too big and heck I haven't had women in my lap since my last trip to Toronto almost a year ago.  

Well. I am in luck she comes by again (not many other guys there and she may have gotten bored just on her phone for company). This time I had a brief chat and yes, let's do a few dances.   Did 3 dances which were good, we connected well and breasts were natural and soft - not sure if large C or D size. 

After enjoying her and not seeing anyone else that looked like would approach me I decided to go to Cafe Atlantis and left at about 6:30 PM
Cafe Atlantis 6:45 till a bit after 7 PM Thurs 9/1/2022

You enter from the big doors from the parking lot into a small area. As enter main part the mens room is on the left and go into a rather large space, bar on the left and stage seating both inside the door, further in and there is a pillar that separates a higher areas.  The VIP area is up a flight and quite nice and private. Didn't see any others in the corner I took a dancer in. 

After New Locomotion turned out to be a quick visit her at CA, but good with ...shoot I didn't write down her name and memory is bad!  She said she was a native of Toronto.

As I entered was enticed by the dancer who was tall and doing a slow almost ballet-type dance vs the usual dancer.  Nice body, a nice face but would have been better if she was smiling.  When I danced with her I mentioned she has a nice smile but didn't smile while dancing.  She said, yes she is kind of in her old mechanical world and not really connected with the audience - which was maybe six guys in the whole big place and dancers sitting around. 

I had positioned myself in the back close to the left of the stage where she danced a lot, although did move around of course on the big stage.  Fortunately, I didn't realize I was sitting near the area they walk down off the stage (left corner).  So as she walked by me looked at her and tried to smile nicely which she did catch and came to me. 

Now out of her mechanical nice slow dream world of dancing to an almost empty audience, she was very friendly.  I had not had the drink girl find me. I mentioned I could care less about my diet drink, so she said let's see if we can escape upstairs and avoid having to get a drink. 

So I got my daily exercise climbing upstairs - not as bad as Million Dollar as I recall!

Very nice 3 dances, no problem counting, and she enjoyed how much I like caressing her nice breasts, some massage on her back, cuddling, etc .- very responsive which is why I enjoy dancers, not trying to get into their bottoms, poking and pinching breasts and dancers tell me some do, etc. 

Having been very satisfied and not having many other dancer choices, I decided to escape before the drink gal made me buy my diet drink :)
Midway Invader Friday (actually Sat Morning) about 1 AM - 2 AM
Unlike sometimes when I am bored and think I should have a sign "pick me" when dancers don't approach, tonight I almost had to swat them away like flies!  The parking lot was almost full but some of the dancers said it had been slow tonight. Most of the tables were empty but most of the high tables and in front of bar area were almost full. 

I turned down in my brief time here four that weren't my ideal body type but they were not bad.   Physically place isn't as bad as some reports indicate. Not ultra new and sparkling clean but its a strip club!  I often wash hands between dancers and men's room not that bad.  The one plus is they have very powerful hand dryers vs the usual ones that take forever to get my hands dry! I also noted the pole in the chair area and don't recall it there in prior years (I go back to the old Canon Ball/Original Loco etc days 20 years ago).

OK, the dancers I did meet after my diet coke or Pepsi (they don't have straws nice hostess explained in detail the reason but with all the noise (some call music) I didn't understand it all.  But no big deal.

Sky - Good conversation, nice body with I believe tiny A breasts (I am turned off by big enhanced breasts, although more a B is ideal)  Did 3 $20 dances and a 4 on my sometimes famous intimacy scale.  It goes from 0-5 with 5 very rare and is a combination of sensuality, quality touch, and personality. 

London - I passed on her (forgot names of others) nice but just not quite my body type vs many others I was noticing. She was very nice even with me passing on dances with her. 

Princess - Nice, an average 3 on my scale, kind of my ideal body type. (I like to caress nice soft breasts) 

Alena from Iraq - love her face and smile.  Lots of conversation as she wanted to sit with me (I was on stools in front of the bar which is my usual hangout less tied down than at a table and easily seen by dancers. If interested I make eye contact and smile. If not turn away and look at my phone as they walk by to maybe get the hint.   Alena was interesting the only problem is across the table (front bar area) very hard to hear and she may be a bit more soft-spoken.  Or I am just older hard of hearing.  Actually, as many of us age (I am 75 but no health issues) we lose some of the higher freq hearing. I did get some hearing aids but have never used them since until now never been in a noisy environment that I needed them.    Did 2 songs, were a bit more sexual than sensual at times.  Now I forget I think it was her that had on this body suit, had access to nice breasts but I prefer more bikini type so more skin contact.  An average 3 on my scale but a very nice gal and my type of slimmer body. . 

One of them I forget which had long hair and had a smoke smell when in my face, kind of...

Then there was Bella.  
Walking back from washing hands in men's room I was met by I believe Alena with her friend Bella who she thought would love my type of high touch and it was her birthday - age 31 she said.  Started off nice and went to her "office".  Lots of conversation, a bit disjointed at times.  Hadn't worked as a dancer for 4? years but was bored and stopped in now close to closing after being at a bar. Was about 2 on my intimacy scale (sexy positions from her chair legs open etc, not my thing I prefer more close contact, cuddling-like. : After I have had 2 songs and like the dancer I always say, or sometimes at the beginning somewhere I say let's do 3 songs as sometimes its hard to know when one ends and the next begins.  We were into 2 songs by my count, when I said that, but she said but we had done 5 already. NO WAY!  I said no way and 3 is my limit. Says OK 3 and I quickly pay her for 3 and as I am leaving she says, "aren't you going to tip me."  It's now close to 2 AM and I dash out. 

Overall there were plenty of attractive (slenderish) dancers without the huge beasts of enhanced breasts of some clubs.  Quite a few African Americans (which I like just as much as others - just not typical big rear ends.)  But as I said I could have enjoyed many more attractive to me dancers, but it was closing time and the money grab by Bella turned me off. 

I am slowly making the rounds of the clubs I usually go to - so far have other reports on CA and New Loco but was too early for many dancers. 

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