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September 2021- Dave's Toronto Massage Reviews

Note: $ is in $CDN = about 79% in $US so nice discount advantage in the currency i.e. $CDN100 = $79USD

Thursday Afternoon = Ginger at HFH
Oddly for the last 15+ years on Toronto trips have not tried HFH before favoring Allure, SRM, and a few others. The reason was the others offered "nude-reverse" vs. body slide.  I love doing the reverse part and the great reaction I usually get like "gee you know what you're doing."  Have been trained in Esalen and taught it for couples. I am more into cuddling and caressing instead of movement on top with the typical body slide. 

However, with my 6-1 height and most massage tables set for more than the average gal height, even remembering to bend at the knees my core strength is too weak from being not active and I easily get low back pain when having to bend to reach someone on the table.  So have given up trying to do my usual "nude-reverse" with her getting about a 10 min routine from me.   Esalen is non-penetration but very caring and sensual. 

OK on to Ginger.  Russian long ago but no accent and I have had great intimacy experiences from Russian escorts in Toronto and lots of great times with Eastern Europeans at Pure Gold in prior years.  

Ginger is my ideal body type, slim, nice soft smaller breasts and cute friendly face. Did 40 minutes. Very friendly talkative in a good way, very sensual and we seemed to connect well.  A 4 on my infamous 0-5 intimacy scale for those that have followed by reviews over the years.  5 is very rare. Overall Ginger is great for what I am interested in - intimacy not extras. 

HFH-Orenda location in the industrial back area is kind of like Allure is but HFH is not as large or quite as modern in the rooms.  Ginger mentioned she has more of her room at the larger place near Square One. 

I seem to recall in the early years of HFH had some nice email exchanges with the owner... probably different owners since. It may have been about the time Brampton required the massage gal be clothed until that was struck down by the Courts based on not being illegal under Canadian Federal law and the city had no business to regulate that. 

I went on to see if MDS was still open (it was and in another report).  I previously did two strip club reports from the prior night. Tonight (Fri) meet another friend and a couple for dinner back downtown. 

TW this is a long shot but any hams reading this.  In my spare time may do some hamming from the hotel I operate remotely to large antennas and full power using many US stations as well as Haiti (HH2AA) and KP4/ from Puerto Rico. I  have at least one ham I may meet in Toronto that lives near my hotel who I have met on the air. 
Farah Blue Lagoon 
You enter into a reception area. Nice gal behind the desk.  TV screen of about a dozen massage gal options. I of course do research so know who I want and made an appointment.   There is a waiting area with nice deep chairs 3 guys there with me but gals came out quickly to take us to rooms.

Its a massage room!   Shower with sides ceiling height open on entrance end. It has a bowl and sink.  There is a massage table.  I forget what color the walls were if that is important. Farah greeting me with nice hug and gave me about 4 minutes to take a shower and returned quickly (not long wait sometimes have at places).  Been going to massage places for 15+ years on trips to Toronto 

Midnight great time with Farah.   While Blue Lagoon is not as fancy and nice as Allure, SRM but was clean and very functional. Did 45 min body slide for $160. Went a bit long as we really clicked like an old friend. 

She is from Iran and when I mentioned that I had dinner last night with a Syrian refuge friend whose father was in Turkey she talked a lot while doing massage about the culture and how I should visit Turkey, shines like the daughter? of Mohammad, etc. The talkative was fine with me she was interesting and doing a nice massage.

My ideal body type, very fit - use to be a dancer at old Locomotion, discussed the escorting scene, etc.  Most importantly very sensual with her body a rare 5 on my infamous 0-5 scale - which is about intimacy connection and sensuality, not sex.  

Lives in St Catherine and when I mentioned my favorite dinner theater in Niagara Falls (Oh Canada) had moved to Ottawa she also loves the culture etc. in Ottawa.  

It was a great combination of intelligent conversation, sensuality, and my ideal sexy body type. 

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