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June 2018 - Dave's Toronto Strip club Reviews (see also Nude Reverse and Companion Reviews)

Note: $ is in $CDN = about 77% in $US so nice discount advantage in the currency i.e. $CDN100 = $77USD

Dave lands at New Locomotion but bombs out at C2M

After a long flight from Phoenix next to a 3 yr old boy with nice mother heading home to Dubai, I check into my hotel, New Locomotion was close by.
Arrive about 12 AM - medium busy most of the gals I would have taken for a dance. First Anastasia (Spelling?) nice approach some intelligent talking. She has only worked here 5 days since just turned 18 but she knew some of the dancers and others who clued her in. Nice body, fairly tall but only did one dance. About a 2 on my 0-5 intimacy scale (5 rare). Afterwards very nice hug and asked where I learned such good massage and said it was nice and sensuous. She has good potential when gets more comfortable with the sensually. 2nd was Nicky (not Mickey). Immediate gave nice hug with me on bar stool, great slim and small naturals. Did 2 dances - a 4 on my intimacy meter. Has a Philippine heritage and looks but was born in the U.S. which accounts for her not having the tagalog accent I find so had to understand. I don't want to spend too much time at strip clubs this trip but will probably briefly stop by my favorites going back almost 20 years. 
I knew C2M massage was always open late to 3 AM at the club I usually do a walk in when I arrive and have always had a great time. All the others I know who is on schedule, cross reference from my Spreadsheets and set up specific appointments.
However, C2M has changed there hours and no closes at 1 AM instead of 3 AM in past years. Older gal answering ring at about 12:45 AM but said closed at 1 AM and last session was just finishing up. She was nice a bit older gal I would have been fine doing me but too late. I drove by Mickey V's since on my way but no none in the parking lot- assumed closed at 1 AM also. Also, drive by Blue Lagoon but decided not to take a chance and had still not unpacked and ate at nearby Denny's

Other than the cool wind and having forgotten to pack a jacket, it was a nice night coming from 100 F weather in Phoenix. The car rental didn't have the full sized car I ordered. The choice was an SUV or a Kia Forte. I like large cars for their smooth ride and handling but hate big SUV's when try to park them, so took the forte.    
Thurs Afternoon Midway Invader

After flight school.... made it up to Midway Invader that use to be one of favorite clubs years ago. Maybe only a dozen customers and about the same or a few more dancers.  

Tia had friendly approach and talked awhile with me at my usual high tables in front of the bar.  Totally turned off by huge breasts but otherwise nice so did two dances.  A 4 on my 0-5 scale with 5 being rare. 

Alexia a nice Persian background (Iran I believe) but born in Eastern Canada.  Nice two dances an average 3 on my scale.

Alice shorter Thailand background more my type of softer smaller breasts, ave 3 on my scale.

No pressure for extra's and did two dances each.

Nice brief visit but back to hotel need to make a few calls and get ready to drive downtown for dinner meeting with a long-time friend and his girlfriend
Strip Clubs Sat Night

After Allure great time stopped by Million Dollar to get some exercise climbing stairs and back to Midway Invader.  Both after midnight till about 1:30 am.  Both medium busy, lots seemed quite full but plenty of room inside and a good dancer to customer ratio.

However, unlike past years not as many with my preferred body type - lots of large breasts which is a turn off for me - yes am odd.  Was nicely approached with good stool side talk by slender black dancer at MDS but not much on my intimacy scale for two dances.  She was extreme on the small breast size even more tiny than I prefer.  Otherwise nice slim body.   I can't read my writing for her name... starts with an M.   Had 2nd gal but nothing special.

On to Midway Invader- small parking is almost full but lots of empty seats inside.  Most of the gals I was more attracted to were talking to themselves or with customers.  I noted an Indian couple where the wife went to get a dancer to join them and both went to VIP.  

Being bored not getting dances Karma approached who I originally tried to pass  since overall too large,  but at least breasts were natural - just too big for my ideal.   She started nice conversation and I gave in and got two dances.  Average intimacy although at end she mentioned how relaxing it was.

As I have often said, clubs aren't like they use to be, when I enjoyed them much more 10=20 years ago.   May stop in CA and Pure Gold (use to be favorite for those sensual Eastern European) but take advantage of their 2 for 1 assuming still have.

I will be going to Niagara Falls Monday for my favorite dinner theater and show Oh Canada - great funny musical about the history of Canada I enjoyed last in 2015.  As usual I have front row table.  I may stop in a few old favorites, Sundowner, Hamilton Strip - miss the far West club that use to have a search light to attract customers but seemed hard to get guys that far out on Lundy's - had some great times there with nice more private booths, but it closed a few years ago,

I leave Wednesday and have been doing some non industry activities, meeting a friend for lunch today and a gal later this evening.
Pure Gold - Monday 2 for 1 great time

On my way to Niagara Falls from Toronto, Pure Gold was not very busy on a Monday at about 3 PM but I had a great time. 

Was told they tried to end the 2 for 1 specials but had a lot fewer customers so reinstated it some time ago. I note the current website has been kind of down (need database) but in the background shows the 2 for 1 on Mon-Tues and part of Wed. 

Deandra - Romanian- Great table talk (I always sit at the tall table with stools right side ahead of bar area).  A bit larger than my idea but very nice dances.

Zoey, small seemed very young Canadian.  Great body and dances but not as much of a "connection" was other two gals. 

Lopi (spelling?) Hungarian great intimacy - purred in my arms.  A rare 5 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 being rare. 

Great two dances for $20 two for ones from three gals but now need to get on the very slow QEW to get to Niagara Falls Oh Canada theater for seating at 6:30.  Traffic at a crawl or stopped unit got near Hamilton.  If I didn't want to stop at Pure Gold should have taken the 407 toll road.
Sundowner Monday late night

After great musical comedy at Oh Canada theater, drove out to my 10-years ago favorite club Crystals (had other names) further out on Lundy's Lane.  Is now G8  not a strip club but some kind of late night club.  I don't recall the parking lot being that large but building brings back good memories!

Then stopped at Sundowner.  Being Monday night was almost empty and almost gave up and left out of boredom taking my usual stand by a pillow (I have to be stuck at a table but be more mobile).  Had to have my usual diet drink and door fee.  Most of the few dancers that were attractive to me with either talking with other dancers, on cell phones or with probable regulars. 

Just as about to give up, Nicki approached and off we went.  But was more a swish butt in front of the face and shake type non-intimate dance. Not at all responsive to my type of touch - fortunately, the next dancer was the opposite.

Sabrina - She just came to Niagara to work here 5 days ago from Montreal.  Has Ukraine in her background.  Like many French Canadians and Eastern Europeans wonderfully connected on my type of intimacy.  Was great, a 5 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 being rare!

Getting late and need to get back to the hotel back in Toronto.  However, on the way, toured the steel mills of Hamilton (got off on the wrong street) and made it to another old time, like 10 years ago favorite, Hamilton Strip.  But was even less busy on a Monday night than Sundowner.  Fortunately, no door fee and I avoided having to get my usual diet coke.  Didn't stay long since only about 5 dancers and about as many customers.  A few attractive ones went in back after dancing etc.

I then returned to Toronto hotel. I am on my annual trip to GTA for 8 days avoiding the about 110F heat in Phoenix!
Cafe Atlantis - Last night in Toronto

Had great trip stuck out on 3 escorts on my list but not available.  Had some extra $CDN won't use for another year so did midnight trip to the only strip club that I usually go to in order to get rid of some $CDN - although still keep some for when I land next trip.

Mapping got me there kind of odd Tory Road way looked more like a parking lot but did turn and get me there. 

Lots of cars in lot but turned out mostly dancers.  Not that many customers on a Tuesday night - some folks probably have to go to work next day!

Gosh, I don't think I've seen so many huge store bought breasted women - which is a turnoff for me, yes I am odd. Most also had leg things on instead of nice bare legs :). 

Katelan sp? From Toronto fairly tall - was to nicely "tame" a bit from just wild dancing about average 3 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 rate. Did two songs.

Diana all most as tall as I am (6-1+) with heels-I like tall women where I don't have to look down on the top of their heads.. Heritage  German, I mentioned all most went to Frankfurt instead of Canada this trip for their FKK clubs. Said mother was from Frankfurt.  However just did one dance about a 2 on my intimacy scale. 

Nikki - another gal nice and tall. However, a zero on my connection of intimacy scale.  Tried to talk me into extra's and said will only do one dance if won't do extra's since a waste of her time.  I was only going to do one anyway since 0 connection.

I was getting tired of big artificial breasts and so far the worst club this trip of my type of connection/intimacy response.  Until. ...

Alexis- Native of Toronto -not as tall but nice looking other than... Out of the blue I came up with the question "What are you noted for?" She giggled her breasts.  I said actually I am more into small breasts.  But they are natural she says!   I kind of liked her conversation so again I got my exercise for the day climbing those steps again into the huge loft area with only a few dancers with other guys. She turned out to be a good 4 on my scale and some nice snuggling.  She commented on my soft hands and good touch.  Her breasts were natural, although a bit larger than my ideal and she had those legging things on.  She was also the only dancer of the night that didn't seem to time the asking for a dance to not wait until a song started, then go up stairs and start a bit already into the first song.  I mentioned to one prior dancer and she replied, but it just started. Alexis was happy to just sit with me until the next full song started.   In all the other clubs I visit on my rounds they all waited for the next full song to start.   She has danced for about 3 years and at some other Toronto clubs but likes this club the best.  She could have done more variety in her positions, but she was the only dancer I had any connection with - which is unusual at other clubs. 

Being a bit womened out and still have to finish packing for flight in the morning, didn't see any others particularly attracted to. One tall blond had a very nice slim body but such huge breasts I thought she would fall of her face if she bent over or tilted a bit.  I saw her being turned down by a bunch of guys she approached and had mixed feelings if she had approached me, but never did.

Side note - When confirming my Air Canada return flight to Phoenix I note their list of resident countries to choose.  Canadian and American were the top two.  I have long given up try go educate Canadians they are just as American as we are in the States (both in North America). Even Air Canada doesn't consider that fact!

On the way back to hotel about 1 am or so, stopped to fill up rental car (Kia forte) but use cash since have lots of extra $20's but have no idea how much it will be since I last filled up in Niagara Falls. But the attendant in the Turbin had a hard time understanding what I was trying to do. Have to prepay so trying to hand him a $20 and would come back for change... but didn't understand... then let me fill without paying first, came to about $15.  He asked of I was a Petro Canada? club member. No, said i am from the U.S. but he still insisted I take a Petro card membership thing.  

Anyway enjoyable trip - probably back next June unless I wind up going to FKK clubs in Germany!  Now back to hot Phoenix but in July the exciting monsoon storms.  My home is at a high elevation and can watch the storms come in off the Mountains North of Phoenix.

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