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June 2018 - Dave's Toronto Nude Reverse Massage Reviews

Note: $ is in $CDN = about 77% in $US so nice discount advantage in the currency i.e. $CDN100 = $77USD

Gina @ Blue Lagoon Massage
I have not been to BL in ages and it seems to have somewhat negative views on It is very close to my hotel so thought after analyzing all the options on the site booked with Gina, who looked attractive, had the smaller breasts I prefer and the only one on the site listed for therapeutic massage.

Turned out to be a great choice.  Very good real massage for all my knots from long airline flight, nice body fairly good sensualality. Very friendly Hungarian.  I was surprised since I was doing nude-reverse 45 min for $120, that at the turnover point she said she doesn't like being massaged. Turned out that was ok I did lots what I do in her standing while working on me but have never had this issue before.  Maybe guys went too far with her who knows,  I still enjoyed the session would rate her a 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale (5 rare) and RMT like on her massage skills.  For those not familiar with my prior reviews I have been trained and have let couples group on Esalen massage and usually get great response from gals from the "reverse" since it's not the typical groping and grabbing :)

Another observation was while she was very friendly the "talk" seemed a bit mechanical about life etc, didn't feel as much of a personal connection as with some, but maybe just my own bias.  In the end, I usually turn down the shower afterward since leaving oil on the skin is good for it and don't have anyone have to hide any activities from.  On the positive side, she stays while I take a fast shower and brings over my clothes to the bench seat next to the shower.

Some folks complain about the shower or that the place isn't up to par.  I did not experience that, the shower was clean and fine and the room was roomy and nice.  I arrived at the point of the shift change just after 7 PM and there were about five of us lined up, some choosing from pictures on a screen and some of us that had set up appointments ahead of time.   Seems a busy place with lots of gals.  The PA announcements for gals to come out when picked etc were a bit load even in a massage room.   Bottom line is not sure why the place is not reviewed more and I didn't find any significant negatives that some others in the past have reported. 

Jasmine at Allure 40 Min 
After in parking lot for a companion downtown she had to cancel so I had a long drive back to the hotel and check my list of potentials against who was working late at Allure.  Glad I did and a great time with Jasmine.  She is my ideal body type, nice smile, smaller natural breasts, and trim darker skinned beauty- but most of all we clicked intellectually and intimately. 

I hadn't been to Allure since it has been remodeled - very nice, new showers and rooms from what I remember going there for many years. The place was busy with us guys in nice waiting rooms with nice large TV showing. The Big Bang Theory.  I was about 15 minutes early and other guys were coming and going.  A couple massage gals not yet on appointments were also there.

Then came beautiful Jasmine in a sexy outfit and my ideal body type. Very friendly intro and related great to my more sensual interest and nude-reverse I enjoy doing so much.  Since she knew my more body caress vs slide interest, did a bit of a caress-slide very nicely.  She also did a good real massage and found my knots on my upper back.

As is often the case once I started my massage on her we really connected.  One Esalen stroke she said she really enjoyed but had never experienced before.  Then on the flip, we connected even more with our ongoing discussion at the same time as mutual intimacy since she was intrigued by some of my experiences with various interests especially some of my more sensual intimacy ideas and getting into female sexuality.  I also did something else she really enjoyed and said had never had done that to me is just very basic- I am always amazed what many gals tell me how different I am (in a good way) than most clients.  I am not trying sound like god's gift to women but as always I encourage guys to find their more intimate side which so many gals miss in guys.

Time flew for the 40 minutes and we ran a bit over and had to have a fast finish.  All very enjoyable.

Then on to two strip clubs, I use to go to a lot, but nothing like in the old days - other reports to come.


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