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June 2017 - Dave's Toronto Nude Reverse Massage Reviews

Note: $ is in $CDN = about 74% in $US so nice discount advantage in the currency i.e. $CDN100 = $74USD

Diamond Steeles Royal Obsession Sunday 11 PM
With most of the NR gals at various places on my pre-trip spreadsheet were not on the schedule started looking at who was available.

I could find no reviews on Diamond but from pictures liked her slimmer body and smaller naturals.  So took a chance.

Was a good choice.  My only problem was the website says for $50 Nude Reverse it is $60+$100.  In fact, when I arrived and waited for Diamond I confirmed with the very cute and friendly receptionist it was $60+100 and paid her the $60.

Diamond mentioned this and sure enough on the hard to read in the dark fee schedule on the door says $110.  I should have noted what 40 min is - says $80 on site. It was not a big deal and paid her the extra $10. However, I am an exacting type person with the exact fees ready to pay and don't like up pricing (my CPA background).  Wasn't her fault since that appears to be the new rate.

Back to Diamond, very nice my type of body, friendly and did good back massage for my kinks.  I asked her if she had any training. She said some, but mostly she loves massage and does what she likes.

That, of course, led to a great response to my reverse as she commented I obviously knew what I was doing.  Diamond was good, and I liked the on the table cuddling at the end.  Not quite some of the sensual moves I've often had at Allure but an enjoyable time.

I note Ariel is still at Steels Royal and on days this week.  Last year she had one of the best deep muscle massages which I always need as well as great sensuality. I will try and get with her this week. I usually prefer smaller than C, but she was great from my June 2016 review.

For my late night roaming's I went back to Midway Invader where had a great time Friday night - separate report in strip club section.
 Ariel at SR Intermodal Dr
 I recalled my good time with her a year ago especially great with deep muscle back massage and sensuality.
 Did my usual 50 NR for $160.  She quickly remembered me as the Esalen Massage Guy from Phoenix.  Talked and interacted like old friends.  Very talented real massage, says self-learned since like it so much herself.   As usual loved my reverse and her sensual finish was perfect for me.  She might have gained a bit of weight over last year, not sure but a very nice session.
 I moved the table a bit to give me more room above the head which was great with her with one of my moves that need me to stand at her head end. 

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