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June 2017 - Dave's Companion Reviews

Note: $ is in $CDN = about 74% in $US so nice discount advantage in the currency i.e. $CDN100 = $74USD

Nadia of GOE - Sunday afternoon 6/4/2017

So many choices, but decided for my first fling after various strip clubs to repeat with Nadia from last year about this time.

Last time was a nuisance trying to do incall downtown with parking and traffic so was glad outcall available at not much higher a rate for an hour out ($280) to Etobicoke vs. my usual 45 min at incalls the last trip.

I did a very long review and my sex ed class last year.  I am review #2 on her page from last year.  I think I choose her based on the Einer earlier review since we seem to share some of the same tastes for personality vs. just the usual.

She recalled how nice I was  :) and when got into session some of my odd likes which she also liked.  The perfect combination of great discussion since she remembered me and session.   Most folks that have followed my reviews for a decade know my oddities vs. usual stuff so won't repeat.  As Nadia, herself said without my saying it more of a great "connection" vs. just the usual. 

Regarding some of the negative comments others have had:
Yes, she is much more light skinned than the photoshopped pictures show and she has a bit of a rough patch... 

But for all my sensual interests and personality we are a great match.
My Dream of Fiona at TDL but then I woke up.

After taking kind of a day off on usual activities Wed visited the TV museum and met a couple and had a delightful time at the Oasis nude couples club near downtown.   I was interested in the museum since in the old "tube" days I built transmitters etc. as an amateur radio operator, worked in Navy MARS  (Military Affiliated Radio Service) WWII equipment, etc.  I am still a "ham" but not active for years after a few decades starting in my teens as very active. 

I had Fiona on my spreadsheet pre-trip not for what she seems to be known the most for, but other aspects of personality, sensuality, a tall 5-8., etc. and I enjoy slimmer smaller natural breasts.  I had pre-booked Fiona a few days ago.  One of there incalls is very close to my hotel and since I've already spent so much on my various adult interests, liked their $160 after 8 PM rate.

Arrived at the hotel early, figured out the parking pay box thing ( never seen them this way in the U.S.), and waited until 7:58 to make the call to get the room number for the 8 PM appointment.

Just as I was about to call, noted a text message I hadn't noted before.  I rarely ever use text since fingers don't type well on a small 6" smartphone screen.  Even at the hotel on a larger laptop, I connect it to a full sized keyboard I bring with me.

The text message said Fiona had to cancel her evening times.  So that ended the dream.  Friday is my last day in Toronto, and I am already pre-booked with a gal highly recommended from a Toronto friend for 8 PM.  Hopefully, she doesn't bail out.

Dashed back to my hotel to try and check and do some research on any others available.   For TDL at near hotel, Fiona still shows on the schedule and only two others.  Both with larger breasts than I prefer, but one looked natural and looked attractive in other ways.   I was unable to find any reviews from my fast search, but instead of my well researched selected companions, I decided to go blind and take a chance.

It turned out to be a  choice.  Molly - See separate report
Molly at TDL- the blind shot that was worthwhile

After the dream I woke up from with Fiona took a blind shot at Molly.
Since am over budget on this trip did a 40 minute for $160 at incall near my hotel. 

We hit it off very well with my not the usual routine which she seemed to welcome and the position I like.  Quickly were both very talkative like old friends, which I like multi-tasking with my other favorite activities.  

I usually avoid D's, however, they were very natural and we got along just fine.  Nice and slim which I prefer.

Molly was a good last minute quick change after Fiona canceled out.
Tessa @ SexyFriends

A friends recommendation overrode by ideal body type and wow, one of best connections of the trip.

Very humorous beginning with a great welcome and kiss like old friends when came to the door.  Very pretty, friendly face.  

I joked gee you didn't bring your (instrument)!  "Do you want me to get it?" No, just kidding.   Then I asked if she still had family in her hometown (long way from Toronto) and noted the issues in the media about their police dept and the RCMP.  Yes, and was very interested in the news she had not heard before. 

"Remind me when we last met"   "I know your face but can not place you," she says!

I level with her that no we have never met.  She is surprised since thought for sure she remembered my face.  Then she figured out who my friend was and said in some ways I reminded her of him.   In fact, she was just thinking of him with what he left her last time. 

She was happy with my different, more sensual interests with great response.  Like 90% of gals I do a certain favorite position with, she had never done before but liked since it has both G-spot and vaginal stimulation.  

As followers know from my decades of reviews, I usually avoid D or larger breasts and usually prefer slim, but we got along great - breasts very natural and liked my type of massage on them, etc.   

In summary an excellent "connection," multitasking of lots of discussions a lot of the time with her great sensuality.. and did I mention such a friendly smile and face that enjoyed being caressed.

This ends my 10-day trip and enjoyed all the adult venues from strip clubs in Sauga, Nude-reverse body rubs and of course companions.


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