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Nude Intimate Lap Dances
I enjoy many nude lap dancers at different strip clubs all in the Western area of Toronto. I enjoyed doing breast, neck and back massages, hand massages and caressing, resulting in a very positive response from so many beautiful women. The songs were longer than in the U.S. (4-5 minutes) and only $CDN20 ($US13) a song. It was sort of like Alaskan Bush, in Phoenix, use to be years ago, but better. It was similar to what I reported a few years ago at San Francisco clubs where I also describe some of the intimacy techniques I enjoy with a lap dancer. 

The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that touching dancers by customers including sexually is legally supported as long as it does not involve "masturbation, fellatio, penetration or sodomy."  For much more detail and current situation see Toronto Area Strip Club Raids and Legal Issues  Is lap dancing "masturbation"?   In Canada prostitution is legal only how it is done is restricted.  Outcall escorts providing sex is perfectly legal in all of Canada (Uniform Canadian Criminal Code).  But not incall "bawdy" houses, which is the big issue regarding getting sexual lap dances at strip clubs.

Airport Strip Club

Brass Rail Strip Club

Cannonball Cabaret  One of 4 best

Fairbanks Hotel Strip Club

Midway Invader  One of 4 best

Matheson's Exotic Bar

Million Dollar Saloon One of 4 best

Locomotion Strip Club Newest one of 4 best

Locomotion Strip Club OLD Now closed and replaced by
Midway Invader which is even better and in 2006 See New Locomotion at new location

Runway 66 Cabaret NOW Treasures

Whiskey a-go-go (WAGG) - Brampton Sat night 7/2/05


Discussion of Older vs. Younger Men at Strip Clubs

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