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Toronto Area Full Service Outcall Sexworkers
100% Legal in Canada as in most of the world except the U.S.

Extensive Reports
Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation

Example of quality Canadian Outcall (100% legal) agencies I enjoy using, with great pictures,
 updated weekly schedule of who is available and overall great sites are:

Table Of Contents of Reports

June 28- July 8 2009 Reports
Parker at Cupids

Maya at Enchanted

Chloe @ Cupids

May 2008 Reports
Bianca at Cupids


Ashley Honey at The Honey Hive

Angelique at Garden of Eden

April 2006 Reports
Tasha @ Hollywood Escorts

Eva @ Diva-Escorts

Michelle @ Select Company

December 2005 Report
Sydney at Peek-a-boo

June-July 2005 Reports
Cindy of Sweetbaby



April 2004 Reports
Leanne in Mississauga

Tasha @ Goodtime-Escort

 May-June 2003 Reports
Danielle & Michelle - wow great with pictures

"Ametuer With Many Questions Money, ads, how to begin"
Dave's Answers


Prior Reports

Bo's Toronto - Niagara Falls September 2002 Trip Report

Dave's July 2002 Report includes:
Stacy from
Sandra @ VIP Companions
Lilith - Well....not quite

TMMYT's Trip report June 2002 - Stayed in downtown area and shares trip report from a different perspective than old Dave's primary intimacy interest.

SCAM REPORT - June 2002
Fortunately bait and switch or other scams are rare in Canada vs. the U.S.
but some do exist.

Dave's November 2001 Reports include:
Anna -  (Sorry, no longer in Toronto as of 6/02)
Nicollete @ Hollywood Escort
May Ling @ Blue Sky Escorts

Dave's Older Reports include:
July 2001 Reports -
Lovely Laura Independent and Michelle from  Dream Dates
December 2000
Report - Allison's Adoring Angels - "Andi"

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