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Toronto - Meet Canada's Version of New York
Highlights of AP article May 6, 2001

A cleaner, cheaper, safer but just as invigorating version of New York City, Toronto lacks the bustle and attitude of its Manhattan counterpart.

It seems appropriate that this metropolitan bastion on Lake Ontario, rich with ethnic diversity and world-class culture, was once called York.

It isn't the USA, as any Canadian quickly will point out, but looks can be deceiving. Hollywood productions regularly use Toronto's streets and brick homes to re-create 20th Century New York, and the architecture and advertising provide a North American feel that blurs national distinctions. All the attributes of a modern megacity are here :....long list deleted.

The downside of life in a city of 2.3 million is also evident, from the beggars asking for change at most street corners, to chronic traffic jams on major arteries. Parking is sparse and expensive and popular events shows and restaurants - require reservations, sometimes well in advance.

An efficient and clean subway system, along with plentiful taxis in the downtown area, alleviate some of the transportation woes. So do the safe streets that allow walking just about anywhere at all hours.

The article than talks about how Toronto comes alive in the Summer with concerts and festivals that fill the streets with music and people, the favorable exchange rate and a great deal of detail on various activities for tourists to enjoy. 

It also notes Toronto has one of the largest gay population in North America and has a gay pride parade and various gay-lesbian festivals.

Overall a very positive article that will encourage tourists from the U.S. for other than the great sexwork options!

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