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 Aren't Toronto men toilet trained?

Of course U.S. men are probably just as bad, but since I don't go to strip clubs in the U.S. and their men's rooms... I didn't realize the problem in the U.S.   This is not meant to be Canadian male bashing!  But... I did notice the problem.  

Condoms should always be used and everyone should get the HepB vaccine series. HepB is easy to catch and very serious.

I am doing an article on a Phoenix massage provider who got a very serious bacterial infection just from a small amount of fingering done by one client.

And I am noticing aren't Toronto men toilet trained? Didn't there mothers teach them basic hygiene? I am amazed when I go into a strip club mens room. I am about the only man it seems that washes his hands after even just using the urinal. But I see so many men come out of the toilets right out the door. Then they try and finger the dancers? Very high risk, if the dancers only knew...maybe they do!

That is why in most MP I think its great in Canada that most insist that you take a shower..and hopefuly use the soap.

Lyla says
You chance of getting HIV even from unprotected sex with an escort is extremely low.

However, there is a whole host of other STDs which are far easier to acquire and which you would be much more likely to get -- chlamydia, HPV, HSV, gonorrhea, syphilis, just to name a few. In some instances (such as with HPV and HSV) a condom is not complete protection. Some of these diseases are incurable.

But on the other hand, HSV is just a cold sore -- not curable, but not life threatening either (except when present in the birth canal at the time of birth). HPV is just a wart -- while the presence of HPV predisposes a person to cancer, so does going out in the sun, breathing pollution, and eating many foods available at the grocery store.

Life is about risk. So is sex. You cannot have sex with another person without taking some degree of risk. Your best bet is to educate yourself, take precautions to minimize your risks, and be disciplined about it.

While a life of abstinence might prevent you from acquiring an STD, what kind of a life is that? Contrary to conventional wisdom, you're a lot more likely to acquire a disease when playing with amateurs than when playing with pros.

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