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  Lessons in Canadian English fun discussion

On Oldjones says after reading some of my reviews:

I enjoy your posts Dave, but…
…there's just the tiniest, wee nit that must be picked.

We here in the North prefer the -re ending on words like centre and theatre; since they came to us from french spelled that way, and it's one of our languages, we didn't change the spellings as you rebellious southern cousins did. We don't actually deport people for this orthographic misdemeanour [ooh! there's another one to watch for. What do you guys do with all those unused u's anyway?] but it does make a difference in names.

'Nuff said, I'm sure you're tired after your labours -{again!] and want to grab some zeds.

Dave replies:
I need French girlfriend to help me spell

Thanks, oldjones, for the spelling lesson...but it will be hard to teach this old dog new tricks. I have enough trouble with spelling in our perverted version of English and terb's spell checker, when it was working doesn't correct my English to yours! Neither does CanBest! I respect your different English but if your spell checker won't correct... you expect me to learn it ?

Oldjones replies:
Okay Dave, the Queen's English…

…is now MSEnglish, or soon will be. But, in the interim, did you know that more people in the world end the alphabet with zed than zee?

Still "the spell-czech made me do it" is a fair excuse. Though I'm sure you've seen your share of spell-cheque approved bloopers, as have we all. Think of my note as just a bit of fluff that won't take any room when you pack for home, another memory of how we're different here.

Meantime, do keep visiting and writing, however you spell.

Dave replies:
I enjoyed your comments Oldjones and as usual like to include such enjoyable wise diversions from just sexwork and include in my final published reports if you don't object.

It sure beats "Do Canadians wash after using the toilet" from my last trip report :)

And I love Canada over Thailand since at least we have a much more similar language. Yours is more "real" English I admit with some French influence. At least it is not tonal like Thai.

I keep hearing news reports about the new anti terrorist legislation debate and the word "expiree" (or however you spell it) vs. our (U.S.) "expire" keeps driving me nuts - as my English might do to you.

Enjoyed the diversion...

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