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U.S. vs. Canadian Women
Interesting Comments on a Canadian Board (

My experience from actually dating both American and Canadian women is that women north of the border are much more empowered, self assured and accepting of personal responsibility. I think there is less of a double standard for the sexes in Canada than in the U.S. I've always said that if I had a daughter I'd want to raise her in Canada.

Women in the U.S. tend more to look at themselves as victims. Look at our daytime TV - Oprah, Rosie, etc. Shows devoted to women whining. For some reason in a dating relationship this translates into a "boy am I doing you a favor by sleeping with you!" attitude. There seem to be more American women who are just mad at men in general than Canadian women. Naturally that viewpoint makes it into the escort dynamic as well.

I often relate it to Howard Stern. In the USA, Stern is widely listened to. My theory is that he talks alot about sex (in usually a very vulgar way) and Americans being just a slight bit repressed, eat it up. Canadians find it boring. Hence Howard was dropped by all of his Canadian affiliates.

Take for example television. Here in Canada, nudity is commonplace. After 10 pm, sexuality and nudityare everywhere. I have never ever ever seen even so much as a nipple on American TV. Americans view sex outside of marriage, well, immoral.

Here you have more of the european influence, the french, etc. The americans stem from the Puritans after all, i.e. Religious whackos the British wanted out of England. The sex trade is still underground here, but only slightly below the grass. In the USA, the sex trade is at the bottom of a mine shaft.

When i was in Vegas, i was AMAZED at the rediculous cost of the sex industry and the low level of talent. I mean you had 50 year old scrags thinking that they were entitled to 500 bucks just to start. No way, i will wait till i get back to toronto. Yes lol, historically Americans have been doomed from the beginning to deal with all kinds of fierce moral vs. immoral questions...

What's weird in the States is, that it's quite easy to be a hypocrite without even thinking. Adults condemn porn and MTV and nudity, while very few of them can express healthy sexuality themselves. That has a very bad influence on "celebs"--they earn $$$$ they don't even deserve just by feeding the repressed part of the country with their forced and manipulated sex appeal, I feel...

I guess the real winners are those in the industry who really enjoy what they do--making you guys happy, thus making themselves happy and confident, like you say you see in Toronto (Any report from other areas btw?)

A reply:
"The americans stem from the Puritans after all, i.e. Religious whackos the British wanted out of England." - James Kirk
Good point, Captain! Present day American mythology holds that the Puritans and other religious groups/wackos fled religious persecution in Britain and Europe in general in order to come to a land where they would be free to practice their religion. Well sort of...! They actually envisaged a land where they would be free not only to practice their own religion but also where they would be "free" to impose it on others within the political boundaries of their colony!

Have you ever wondered why fundamentalist Christianity seems to be exclusively a North American phenomena? Almost all Europeans are so sensibly casual when it comes to religion!

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