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May 2015 - Dave's Toronto Strip club and Nude Reverse Massage reviews (warning book length) :)

Includes travel log that I get lots of compliments on which I post as as I go on the large Toronto board that I've been active on since 2001 and previously on Fred's prior board.  I have over 1700 posts with all my Canadian visits for what I wish was more available in Phoenix and of course none of the legal issues. 

All activities of course are legal including under the new C-36 law which is usually not enforced in most cities with in private consenting adults and I have never paid for or solicited sex just massage, lap dances or time with a beautiful women. 


Pure Platinum Fort Erie Tues evening 5/19/15

This is had been my first stop for a decade when I fly into Buffalo and do the Niagara-Hamilton tour.

I had read that the Mayor of Fort Erie wanted no adult entertainment "brothels" after inquires from US business after the Supreme Court held indoor prostitution legal - before C-36. However it the mayors article in 2012 he said all three prior adult entertainment places had already closed including Pure Platinum.

I also noted its website is still up and alive. A long trip from Phoenix, 4 hours to Philadelphia (then a 2 hour delay since the flight crew was stuck somewhere in VT, I made it to Buffalo, easy entry to Canada with my Nexus (Trusted Traveler) pass on the Peace Bridge.

Since my GPS new Pure Platinum just pressed it and away we went (will sort of).

Part of the Blue Pure light is still lit but I can confirm it is very closed. Just empty with a sign on the doors that is faded out so can't read it. 

I knew there was a bank up the street to get some Canadian money from the ATM so .. on to Niagara Falls

Next Sundowner the old reliable.


Sundowner Tues eve 5/19/2015

After Pure Platinum - after going to Crystals which was closed as was Seductions. I went by Mint by almost no cars in the back parking lot so didn't bother trying.

Sundowner - few customers perhaps typical for a Tues. However, was enough so I wasn't just lonely as one of few customers. 

As over the last decade of going here great dancer choices. I passed up a few large breasts since I prefer smaller natural.

Jasmine - really GREAT - my perfect slim fit "B' body. Has danced in Nova Scotia previously. I told her to do me a favor and don't get breast enhancements! Which she wants to do and noted she wears a push-up brae! I loved her nice natural smaller breasts! That is kind of my fetish for ideal B's. or may be C's. Good time rate 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with 5's rare.

Renee - stuck by her to me, exotic face look - African American good discussion as I am in my usual place joking about holding up the wall left of the bar area. Breasts are a bit larger than my idea but soft and natural. Nice person although a bit more sexual teasing than what I refer to as "intimacy" 3 on my scale but nice.

I am trying not to go too wild this trip and its late so that is all I did tonight besides tour by all the other closed Niagara clubs.

BTW my xcom global hot spot working great - far faster Internet connection than the hotel's Wi-Fi


Oh Canada Great Show in Niagara

Had some of the best entertainment in years Wed night at the Oh Canada Dinner Theater in Niagara. Probably locals know all about it (almost 4800 performances over 22 years) but for travelers like me from the U.S. is worth a stop. 

Also had perfect front table (there are 2) (Gold) seats which I highly recommend. 

Anything like this in Toronto nearby area? Be here for almost 2 weeks and looking for more other than adult fun. 

Nothing like it in Phoenix but many decades ago when lived in Minneapolis enjoyed 2 great musicals and comedy theater (Old Log and Chanhassen Dinner Theater). 

I didn't remember that many of the strip clubs in Niagara (except Sundowner) were closed or virtually empty, except near the weekends. heading for Toronto tomorrow after 2 days in the Falls.


After a very entertaining night and dinner at the Oh Canada Dinner Theater stopped by PE55 a bit before midnight. 

However, there were only 5 customers besides me - 2 guys in the what use to be smoking area as I recall, 2 with some dancers together on the floor and an older guy back aways I believe was in a wheelchair. 

Maybe ten dancers. A large breasted attractive (other than my distaste for larger breasts) African American. On 2nd stage a blond just laying down No one was watching the dancers other than the older guy! And three together at one of the "stands". 

When asked for a drink I decided to escape - not really wanting to be the only available customer, etc. 

I may stop by early afternoon on my way to Toronto - and will stop probably briefly at Hamilton Strip.

Years ago when I was here midweek, I don't think the clubs were closed or so little activity. I peaked at the parking lot at Mints but virtually empty so didn't go in. Looks like the only club with a reasonable number of dancers/customers early week is of course Sundowner I was at Tues night.

From years (decades?) ago had great times in the past both at PE55 and Hamilton Strip. Once because Hamilton had a no non accompanied women policy an escort I was a friend with had me "escort" her to Hamilton Strip. She was bi and had a great time with the dancers on stage.


Cafe Atlantis 5/21/2015 + brief travel log

After two great nights in Niagara headed for Toronto.  Stopped briefly on the way at Hamilton Strip but was early afternoon (about 2PM) and only saw 3 dancers and 3 customers. Didn't stay long and hit the road for Mississauga.

Set up my home away from home for the next 10 DAYS at hotel.   As always got good deal by Priceline bidding and won at $55/night.  This time I am closer in - Square One area instead of the major chain hotels I usually get either further West or close to airport.  Out or curiosity checked normal rates just before left Phoenix and it was sold out for my 1st night (5/21) and averaged about $160/night for my other 9 nights.  Unfortunately this is the first trip I had to pay more for parking $13/day.  The reviews on travel sites were mixed and a concern. However, the bad reviews were for the older section so when I checked in asked for the renovated area and its very nice.  It may be my imagination but this is a European brand hotel and it seems the desk, beds etc are about a foot lower than in North America chains (I'm almost 6-2). Nice 42 inch TV vs the usual 32 " - I usually keep CNN News in the background while doing other things.  I even found it on my Sirius Radio in my rental car (Elanta)

Enough of the travel log on to the Cafe Atlantis strip club. 

Not very crowded but nice balance of dancers and customers. 

Heidi - I would have normally avoided due top large breasts but liked tallness and started a good conversation so up we go to the VIP room up those long steps.   Tried to up sell and keep asking if would commit to 3 or 4 dances.  I stuck with 2!  Was a bit more bouncy, GYN exam, and shaky butt, than intimacy.  Liked most of her body other than the large manmade's.  About 3 on my infamous 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 being rare.

For those that have followed my reviews for the last decade... I normally like to avoid being stuck at a table.  So I pick a kind of pillar to stand up and gives me my excuse to turn down dancer approaches saying "no I'm just holding up this pillar."   Turned down a couple big breasted that way.

Noted a number of my type smaller breasts but they passed me up (maybe don't like us old folks that could be their father..or grandfather!

But then got more luck:

Chanel - I say like Chanel No.5 (if the famous perfume she would know). She replies no like Chanel #1.   Relatively tiny but I like body package with probable A breasts so up the stairs we go.

She says enjoys my massaging her breasts she tells me as I mention how I like smaller breasts - Not to spend too much this trip and am in Toronto 10 days after 2 in Niagara am limiting myself to 2 dances (unless really bad do 1 but none in that bracket tonight).  She started out a bit wild, however as I respectfully often say I tame her with my more hugging, caressing vs bouncy and she reacts very favorably.   A 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale.   A sweety.

Rebecca -  I fell in love :) 

Getting smart I noted I was more interest in slow intimacy vs bouncing and she responded WONDERFULLY!   I can usual tell from someone faking it vs really into it.   Been dancing 4 years and came over with some others from Cannonball. Ideal body for me, and very much into my type of intimacy.  Almost broke my 2 dance limit rule.. Wish she was an escort!  4+ on my intimacy scale.

BTW I note reviews of Rebecca at CA as being Asian.  I wonder if there are two Rebecca's .. somehow I am not remembering "my" Rebecca being Asian but maybe I was too captivated by her body to notice.

Being totally satisfied time to move on to massage and my habit of being a walk-in for first nude-reverse massage at Club Two Mountains and always lucked out with next available gal.  For all other massage I carefully select from reviews, body and schedule at each massage place.  And stay in Mississauga for nude reverse with no issues. 

2 of the 3 dancers had me do the hand sanitizer lotion, which I like.  In fact I had the same bottle in my car and use it between clubs and before I went in. 

The VIP is nice with the little ledge for my Diet Coke drink and eyeglasses.   They block the entrance for more privacy by putting chair in front.  I do remember that from my visit a year ago. 

I also am not seeking any stick grinding or anything sexual just my type of intimacy at a strip club - yes I'm odd :) 


Club Two Mountains 

As usual I always do a walk in here vs other massage places that I research the women and set up appointments for specific gals. Had just come from great time at Cafe Atlantis so ready for nude-reverse massage.

I was surprised that the hours on the door STILL say they close at 3PM. I mentioned that to the therapist I had a year ago and she went out and looked at it amazed it said open to 3PM.  Now a year later it still says that!

But on to better things.  Isabella greeted me and off to the shower I went.  She is Portuguese however in Canada for about 20 years and no accent.  Attractive fairly good massage and good nude-reverse.  We had great discussion of various sensual topics and was quite interesting.   Intimacy side average but personality made up for any lack of sensual massage other than the ending which was good.  Nice body, a bit mature but a good women specimen :)


Midway Invader Sat (Actually Sunday since about 1:15AM

After catching up on e-mail and other things had my urge to hold a nice body in my arms.  I've usually had good times at Midway Invader in the past but all depends on dancers wind up with. 

Arriving about 1:15am, it was maybe about half full of customers but with the construction in the back the parking was a mess and got into about the last spot.  Some cars have to back up since can't get thru the construction mess and no way to turn around. 

So much for the parking - plenty of attractive dancers as I had my required 1 diet coke.   Since it was late some dancers were leaving, especially the taller slender small breasts I prefer.    Turned down a few until Hennesey (sp) from Laos.  Short but trim nice body and those nice small natural breasts :)  

I keep forgetting to mention I like slow and cuddly vs wild bouncy butt slapping but I was able to "tame" her a bit.  about 3+ on my intimacy scale and nice body to hold and caress which is more my thing that bouncy slappy or GYN exams.   

Nice 2 dances and timed well since she was next on stage.

There were a few other dancers I was hoping to attract - one tall slender in particular but she seemed to go around customers she seemed to know and would up in their arms.   

Then we had the 3 guys with one in a green skirt or dancer brought on stage to do the bounce on him and use the whip.  Didn't do anything for me but audience seemed to enjoy.  DJ called him Peter Pan - when you could understand what he was saying. 

By 1:45AM most dancers and customers were leaving.  The tall slender one was in someone's arms near the stage.  

Will definitely return in the next week at night and probably try and day shift at this and some other clubs, some more nude-reverse massage and maybe one of the incalls near square one.  I can probably walk to them but don't know exactly where they are!

I miss Tim Hortons in the U.S., love their grilled cheese and chili :) Not knowing if the nearby one was inside the Square One or was separate with parking tried to test my Garmin GPS in pedestrian mode. The map and unknown to me side streets confused me and I went the wrong way twice.  Once the mileage to TImmys increased from 0.2 miles to 0.5 and realized was going the wrong way.  It does have a big parking lot - found it and got a lot of walking exercise!


New Locomotion late Sunday night (early Mon)

Arrived a bit after 1am - not busy but good balance of dancers and customers.  I had intended to get here earlier but got tied up with e-mails and business stuff. Layout is very much like Midway Invader - don't have to get my daily exercise by going up and down long staircases like Club Atlantis and Million Dollar.

I had intended to stop here when first arrived in Toronto from Niagara/Hamilton but GPS directed me to vacant lot which I recalled from last trip.  Was confused if I had my old Loco in my GPS but gave up.  Upon further research discovered its on the other side of the street kind of hidden.   GPS has it on the wrong side of the street which I have to remember for future trips. 

Mia -  As I walked bar the "stands" and was going to sit a few chairs from her she invited me to sit with her :)  After good discussion off we go.  African American nice body and my preferred smaller natural breasts!   About 3 on my intimacy scale. Works mostly weekends since goes to school during the week. 

Sara - She was sitting next to Mia (on other side of me) when we came in so she approached me after Mia.   A bit taller, native born Canadian. Reacted very quickly and favorably to my type of intimacy.  Really nice 4 on my intimacy scale (0-5 with 5 rare).  Works irregularly.

Now its about 1:40AM getting close to closing time.  Larger gal engages me in nice conversation but not really my body type but even after I said I was on my way out continued a nice conversation.  I had two others I was attracted to but they left early or got tied up with other guys.

Now on to Minx  Massage chosen since its open till 4AM and picked 2 potential from website (Vee and Valentina vs the others with larger breasts!)


Valentina at Minx Massage 5/24 after midnight so 5/25

After New Locomotion planned to call Minx and see if either Vee or Valentina was available in about half an hour to drive there.  I had chosen them for my usual desire for smaller breasts from website schedule.  They say open till 4AM.   

However, my cellphone (I love Windows Phone now over Android and have the big Nokia Lumina 1520) would not synch up with my xcom Global Hotspot (since I don't have Canadian cell service).  I have had this problem before but always solved by rebooting both. Hotspot connected fine via Rogers, but cell would not connect after three reboots of each.   Now back at the hotel it synched immediately.  I also have laptop with me that always connects with no problem.  It is faster than the hotel Internet service. Have also used it with my phone in restaurants just not when I wanted to call Minx

Anyway after giving up on calling, just drove there.. the very long way around.  OK, GPS tells me to at some point stay on collector but was closed due to construction.  Had to go all the way to Leslie to get turned around.  I would be totally lost without my GPS that I have set up for anyplace I would go to.  

Finally arrived about 2:20AM.  GPS "recalculate" when can't get off where it says directed me exactly to their front door.

Busy front office with two guys, receptionist, and two gals.  Assumed guys had appointments and said forgot who but not quite my body type (blonde Ds) was available (shows monitor with pictures on the website).  I mention I had hope to catch Vee or Valentina and turned out Valentina was one of the gals standing at the front desk.    She was about to go home but would stay if I did a 30 minutes instead of the 40 I preferred but OK.  Pay the $40 room fee.

Rooms nice not Allure or SRM size but very adequate, clean and nice with a mirror on one side.   

After shower Valentina said was $80 for nude reverse... I questioned is that for 30 minutes since not what I recalled from the website. Yes, she said, and I didn't argue (website says $60 for 30 min NR and $70 for 40minutes NR, so either overcharged or website is not up to date.  

Valentina asked if wanted to massage her first or after me- Don't recall every been asked that before but like the idea of doing the reverse first.  She obviously enjoyed and very relaxed with my Esalen type massage (sensual but not directly sexual).  Very nice firm body and just right not too huge breasts.   Then did the usual on me.  About a 3 on my  intimacy scale but with limited time got right to work on the last part.   Then, still had a bit of time and asked if I would like to massage her more..    Did

Very friendly and  at the end said I was the best reverse she has ever had.  I often get this response, not to brag but show how learning some good especially Esalen skills always gets great response that I enjoy doing and why I always do nude-reverse 

Other than I think I was overcharged it was an enjoyable interaction.


Kennedy's late Monday night (Tues AM)

Kennedy's has had mixed reviews often noting older dancers and not the big young busty ones of some clubs.  As long as slim bodies and smaller breasts I sometimes prefer more mature dancers.  So off to Kennedy's I go after fine dining at Wendy's.

Arrive about 1am, get my usual diet Coke or Pepsi and find the rest rooms are not as bad as some have reported in the past. Quite clean but some plumbing missing but fine and especially like no attendant. 

Am a bit self conscious being about the only guy in the upper left table area (opposite pool tables etc).  


Not the older stereotype... not my perfect body type but not bad.  Asks if can sit with me (of course) and have a pleasant conversation (not the 'wanna dance' routine of many young dancers.   From Barrie and been here 2 months.  Also escorts with her friend that shares a room and advertises on BP.  Does not us any name (didn't get enough info to find) charges typical $140 hh and $220/hr.  Great discussion about lots of things before a few dances.

Nice body not real slender but not too big either.  Nice responsive smaller breasts which I like.  A 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale (with 5 being rare).  For those looking for extras, I am worthless since that isn't what I seek at a strip club.

Serenity both good to talk with (liked my usual jokes) and very nice intimacy dances.

Hennessy " like the bourbon", she says.  Since I don't drink have no idea what that is but at least I looked it up and can spell it right in doing review!

Recently had baby (2nd) and a bit larger than my ideal (and larger than Serenity).  However she knows how to start a conversation which convinced me to try her for a few dancers (and glad I did!).   She has danced at many clubs in Sauga (we talked about Dear Hazel - elder retired mayor), mentioned Loco (new) and MDS.  Most recently was in Ottawa before latest stint in Sauga.  Very engaging personality and we played word games with my usual jokes - is sharp. 

On to a few dances.  Sometimes a softer body is nice for cuddling and caressing that we both enjoy rather than the bouncy, grinding and GYN exam that is typical.  Even without the perfect body one of more intimate dances in my way this trip.  A 4+ on my 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 very rare.   

Said my hands were the softest ever felt.  I am often told that but have no idea why other than they are mostly on a computer keyboard not doing anything mechanical.  She loved massage and asked if I would continue off the clock which I was glad to do.

She also escorts very discretely if she feels good vibes from guys she meets at clubs.  

Oh yes, I loved her perfect sized breasts (kind of my fetish for smaller (not Ds) natural soft breasts).  Since I knew she recently had a baby asked if they were sensitive or OK for me to caress as I started to do so..  She says yes love it - just don't squeeze the nipples or I might get a "golden necklace".  Said the last guy she said that to didn't get it :(  

After two nice encounters only a few other dancers left and almost no customers and its getting close to 2AM.  So call it a night and stop at a McDonalds for a nightcap of their Oreo McFlurry that I love.   The prior night around Square One I was desperate for a McFlurry and went to 3 different McDonalds but all of them turned off the machines at 1AM.  However, I have found other McDonalds as late as 2-3AM one night that had them, but now I can't remember where it was!   While I like Timmy's for food, their soft cold soft serve type drinks don't appeal to me... oh yes I also had a soft serve earlier at Wendy's another of my fine dining places.


Million Dollar Saloon Tues 5/26 - early Wed

Arrive about 1:10 AM after delightful dinner with a Toronto friend at Two Guys From Italy in Streetsville where we also ate last year at this time.

This late MDS was almost empty - cute and efficient Asian waitress for my diet coke.  The bright green lights on inside door was almost blinding!  By about 1:30,  I was getting bored with no dancers working the floor one in the lap of someone the whole time, 3 dancers sitting together and various dancers after being on stage changing into street clothes and going home.  On the main floor varied between 5-10 customers including the two shooting pool. 

More dancers were attractive in my view.  About ready to give up Anessa greets me at sitting front of bar on those high chairs.  My first reaction was somewhat negative, big breasts and a bit hard to understand between the noise some call music and fast talking .. maybe slurred a bit and said something about a drink she had in hand- like buy her one or something.   I agreed to two dances but asked me to wait 2 minutes if OK while she went to ladies room.  Fine as by this time needed by fix of a nice body in my arms and no other dancer was approaching anyone on the floor.   Took far more than two minutes and was considering bailing but she came out and over to me about 1:40. 

Up the stairs we go to her "office"!

Turned out she was worth waiting for.  She really enjoyed by type of interaction - not bouncing but cuddle, caressing, holding I enjoy.   Limited myself to 2 dances and was about ready to close.  However, was very enjoyable.  A 4 on my intimacy scale of 0-5 with 5 rare. 

Just for fun since I still had it in my GPS I wanted to check out the old Cannonball on Advance where I had many good experiences years ago.  Now even the building that had the bank and ATM I often used is vacant.   The warehouse buildings didn't seem in the right place and couldn't picture Cannonball - If I had to guess it was like they tore the old building down and extended the warehouse behind it. However my memory may just be foggy since it has been years since it closed.

On this trip I have now hit most of the clubs I usually visit at night, although some were very late night before closing.  I sort have mixed feelings about trying Diamonds as I am not recalling it from prior trips and I understand they charge $20 entry fee to the VIP unlike the other clubs I visit.

Plan to spend more time tomorrow at Pure Gold for their Wed 2 for 1 dances and haven't been there yet this trip.


Pure Gold Wed afternoon  5/27/15

Wow, I hit the mother load of Eastern Europeans who I have often commented from prior trips tend to me the most sensual in the ways I like, and that was certainly the case here.   Even though it was a 2 dances for $20, Wed wasn't many customers but lots of friendly dancers.   I wondered about the parking since even though not many customers I got the last spot in front and most of the nearby areas by the warehouses, etc. were full I assume with regular workers at other places.  Probably at night when other places aren't working can use for Pure Gold Parking.

I note their website STILL has the wrong address that I noted last year at this time since my GPS couldn't find it.  Now my GPS has it right but it is still wrong on their website. The correct address is 2630 Royal Windsor Dr vs. their website address of 2630 Windor Drive

Each of the five dances I enjoyed started good conversation table side (I take my place on the high tables right of the stage before the pool area).  All five were my type of dancers with the kind of intimacy I enjoy (not the bouncing type).  Each commented on my soft hands and all I was doing with their bodies!

All I would rate as a strong 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 very rare except Alexandria, a Ukrainian  a 4++ very good. 

Others I enjoyed: 

Ilian - Hungarian 

Anka - Romanian

Crystal - Hungarian - nice smile and eye contact.

Daffany - Canadian - Ottawa as recall lovely cuddler. 

I'm kind of womened out at least for dancers after a very enjoyable week with 2 days to go.  I enjoy more women in Canada in 10 days than I do in a year it seems in Phoenix were consenting adults have no freedom or safety from LE entrapments and stings.  As I just got reports on today by e-mail.  


Candy at Airport Golden Spa - Long Wait Worthwhile

Warning long story as some folks tell me they find interesting with all my detail:)

I'm enjoying strip clubs too much but want to do another nude reverse massage.   So many choices. I had planned to do more research based on reviews and my preferred body type but didn't have time to do my pre-trip research.  I still had my leftovers from the trip a year ago, but most of those have disappeared with time.

So narrow down to Allure, SRM (but concerned about the reports on overcharging and tipping), HFH (recall days when  Kayla bothered by Brampton bylaw officers until issue settled by Courts and could not enforce this is like 2004) Had great time at HFH and AGS last trip. 

Then I realize HFH and AGS (and three others) at the same center.  OK, Slight preference for AGS since they have nude-reverse listed on their site and HFH no longer does just room fee.  I don't care to negotiate and just know how much will be for NR so not be overcharged like at Minx last week. 

So many choices that are on the schedule for Thursday night.   So my selection criteria is simply by the elimination of any enhanced breasts and eliminate D's or larger (I am a small natural breast fan!).   Ok, that narrows it down to Candy, Mina and new gal with no picture but the right breasts.. Paige.  I also note on my pre-trip research* some good reviews of Candy.  Candy is also on my list from last trip that I didn't get to. 

Since I wasn't sure how long it would take me to drive there decided to call to see if Candy available when I get close.  I had a Plan B of the others at AGS or Plan C with two from HFH (Brook and Hunter) but bothered again that NR isn't on the website. 

Looking at the map also wanted to avoid the 407ER since car rental company charges an admin or accounting fee if use at all in addition to the mileage.  However, I set my GPS to avoid toll roads.. and it did. 

With my various options in place being sure to take my Windows 6" phone and xglobal hot spot I'm off :)

Not wanting to drive and call I stop at a gas station 1.9 miles out, hotspot works and call AFS.  Yes, Candy will be available.  So don't have to go the Plans B or C. 

This trip my updated GPS mapping takes me to the right spot vs a prior trip it kept saying arrive at right which led me all around that market and warehouse buildings vs. the center on the left that I finally figured out was correct.  This time updated Garmin mapping had it on the correct side of the street!

Greeted by the nice receptionist and go to the waiting room with that big motorcycle thing.  Another guy comes in, and I joke with him, don't worry I'm not your masseur.

Go to room - interesting see through shower and two shower heads low and high, I didn't recall from before.  Glad basic directions on the wall!

OK long wait.  

Receptionist pokes her head in that she didn't forget about me, that thought Candy had just come out of one but back in prior room but should be with me shortly.....

Long wait... Candy wrapped in towel pops in apologizes for delay gives me a very nice hug and be right back....

Long wait... Candy pops in again saying just one more minute.

I get very bored waiting and usually have my piles of reading if I know going to wait. Always have reading when eating at Timmy's or Denny's, etc. unless with someone like great dinner at 2 Guys from Italy with my long time Toronto friend.    

Do you know there are 25 crystal things on outer ring of the chandelier... I tried to count the inner rings but gave up.  Also noted the clock is 10 minutes slow :)

Total wait time was 45 minutes but worthwhile.  Candy very apologetic noting up until 10PM no customer and then all of a sudden whoosh everyone wants to have a session. 

She did note on reverse her rules of nothing below the waist. OK... 

Massage on me was very good, a combination of good medium pressure and sensuality.   We would up talking like old friends, which is fine with me, I can be very talkative (like I write) as was she.  Turns out she use to live long ago in Phoenix and still has friends or relatives there.  We also talked about the legal issues U.S. vs. Canada, etc... but talking while massaging doesn't bother me.

On the reverse, she quickly caught on I know what I'm doing.  Lovely perfect sized soft breasts and body to knead.  Since most women (dancers and in massage) like my butt massage (deeper kneading) asked if OK, Yes I just mean when on the front.  Was very responsive and interactive with my type of reverse.  The only problem is there are certain Esalen techniques most like where I have to have room to stand at the head, and the table was too close to the shower, so I had to improvise a bit. 

Nice kisses from her, nice ending and interaction.

In summary, I found Candy very sweet.  Delightful personality and good intimacy skills .. the long wait was worthwhile. 

Upon leaving, I note on my GPS a nearby "Office Strip" on Melanie Dr., which I have no memory of - may have been a long time ago.  But I tell GPS to "take me there".. it seems to take me quite a roundabout way but finds the address... no strip club just warehouses so delete it so won't try and find it next time!

Back at the hotel with my friend Goggle -  my gosh  three women (that were not club dancers) shot at the club in 2013.  The injured women were among the more than 200 customers who were drawn to the club for a weekly event dubbed “Twerk It Tuesday.” They were all transported to a Brampton hospital, two of them in critical condition. About six months later in 2013 there was a fire at the club! Long video of the fire at

Only have a day left in Toronto and stop by Midway Invader on my way back to the hotel and had great time from just after 1AM till near closing.


Midway Invader Thurs after midnight so Fri 

After my great time with Candy at AGS and trying to find office strip club not knowing 3 women shot and fire in 2013 appears was too much for it - arrive at MI just after 1AM.   Plenty of parking this time in front!   And the SUV kind of hanging over the curb on to the sidewalk by the front door with a guy slumped over the wheel.  A bunch of guys outside wondering about him being asleep slumped over the wheel and I mentions "hope is alive"- they do to but not sure if should try and wake him and be sure.

Only a few customers and lots of good looking dancers.  However, they seemed to ignore me for awhile :)  Ordered by usual "Diet Coke or Pepsi) the nice thin Asian? waitress and then realized I had a ton of change in the car that I keep wanting to get rid of before I leave Canada.  So I dashed out to car and returned hoping she didn't think I skipped out on her.  Had about $7+ in change but still have trouble figuring out the quarters vs nickels but pretty much have the twos and ones down.  So when returned gave her all the change which was maybe $2 more than the drink. 

Getting bored just waiting taking my usual stand on the higher chairs front below bar area. 

Then Natasha (yes Russian) started chatting.  A bit larger than my ideal but beggars can't be choosy... It was a good decision!  We connected quite quickly and while her breasts were a bit large, they were very soft and I assume natural.  She enjoyed me massaging them which I love and guided my hands to them often.   Had my usual 2 dances and enjoyed.  A 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 rare (and none on this trip so far.. but that soon changes).

Probably the dancers may notice when guys are doing dances vs the guys that just sit there all night drinking so often it seems getting the first dancer may help others approach.  Sometimes I joke I should wear a sign "pick me" at least for those I am attracted to.  Yes, I could approach a dancer but since I'm an old guy some of these young dancer may not want to dance with a father or grandpa figure.   Others seem to enjoy us oldies.

I also noted the DJ guy running around looking with another guy for something.  I assume he was the DJ, looked kind of perhaps hippyish?.  Had a pad and dancers talking to him and had a mic at his side.  And once RAN back of stage when needed to do a next song.  Then later saw him announcing from the entry area using the mic as I was leaving. 

Hennesey - the best yet. 

Wow, nice body- small very sensual, nice huggy approach.  There may be some confusion since it seems there are at least two Hennesey's at MI.  Last Saturday I met the Laos version.  I think... Am confused, the Laos version was also small and nice, but I don't think they are the same as I didn't recognize her (but I've met many dancers this trip) and she didn't seem to recognize me. I am 90% sure they are different Hennesey's. 

Whoever this Hennesey is she was great.  Perfect body, nice small soft breasts, and we seemed to "click" physically as she probably does with most customers.  She got in some of the positions I enjoy the most, and wins for the first time on this trip my rare highest 5 rating for the type of good physical intimacy I enjoy combined with sensual body and actions. (not sexual but hinted more would be available but not my interest at strip clubs). 

Now close to 2AM closing and I head back to hotel with a stop at a Timmy's for a Boston Cream donut !  I also tried their Oreo cold chill drink.  Don't know what it is made with but tasted more like an alcohol drink and didn't like the taste.  I love McDonalds Oreo Mc flurries which is more like ice cream or soft serve,  however, most shut down their machines for it at 1AM :(

I'll get back to my usual low-carb diet when I get back to Phoenix but kind of pig out between Timmy's and Denny's when in Canada.  Low carb is the only way I can keep my weight down to about 190 or so - Am about 6'2".


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