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June 2016 - Dave's Toronto Incall, Strip club and Nude Reverse Massage reviews & Travelog (warning book length) :)

Includes travel log that I get lots of compliments on which I post as I go on the large Toronto board that I've been active on since 2001 and previously on Fred's previous board. I have over 1900 posts with all my Canadian visits for what I wish was more available in Phoenix and of course none of the legal issues. 

All activities, of course, are legal including under the new C-36 law which is usually not enforced in most cities that follow a "harm reduction" model of the Supreme Court which made incalls etc., legal vs. just outcalls before with in private consenting adults. I have never paid for or solicited sex just massage, lap dances or time with beautiful women. 

Note: $ is in $CDN = about 77% in $US so nice discount advantage in the currency i.e. $CDN100 = $77USD

My usual 1st stop Club 2 Mountains

And my usual long travelogue some folks say they do enjoy from decade + of trip reports.

I blew in (cold and windy when arrived). Coming from 110-115F heat on a long flight from Phoenix. At least I did pack a jacket in my 45 lbs checked luggage bag. I hope to find a more deep massage gal (one is on my spreadsheet) as I always seem to pull low back when hauling big bag in out of car trunks (and two carry-on's).

C2M has always been my 1st stop and just get whoever is available vs. all the other massage choices I have a spreadsheet of potential gals at the various club. 

Instead of going direct to C2M was a bit exhausted and decided to go to the hotel first. This is the 3rd time at the hotel near Square One but on travel sites, reports are they have some older kind of bad rooms and a newer section, which I have always lucked out getting before. Since I wasn't checking in till about 10 PM was concerned all the newer rooms might be booked. Since I am here, 10 days would even be willing to switch tomorrow if they were gone. But no problem, I did wind up with a newer room on 7th floor, even when I only pay $US40/night before taxes and $CND13 for the parking ramp. Most travel sites quote about $119/night, but I always get far cheaper via Priceline bidding and I booked it in February. Sometimes I wind up at Courtyard by Marriott at that price in Meadowvale, but prefer this closer in by Square One hotel. 

Unpacked, set up all my electronic stuff (even bring my full-scale keyboard for the laptop. And also have to keep up with some business while enjoying your adult options, relaxing some and meeting a long-time friend. 

Off to a "blind date" at C2M. My Garmin GPS with latest map update still has the location on the wrong side of the street, but kind of remembered where it was, just not sure which drive since their dark size really can't be seen from a distance at night. 

The first thing I check is if they still have the hours open sign which said in 2015 and 2014 that they close at 3 PM, yes PM not AM! Now they close at 2 AM but no hours in the locked door you have to buzz into. I arrive about 12:30 am and almost gave up took awhile to buzz in. Met by a shorter cute gal in a robe who came out from a customer and showed me to the waiting room. Instead of watching the porn video which gal with huge breasts (that turn me off) had about 100 e-mails for the day traveling caught up some on my great 6" Windows Phone 1520. For $5 extra a month (above my usual $40/month for U.S. coverage) I have unlimited data and phone roaming in Canada and can use it as a hotspot (about three times faster than the hotel wi-fi) with my laptop. I have the choice of about 5 Toronto cell services at their highest speed to connect with - worked great - think I used Rogers.

About 12:45 AM cute gal is finishing up with other client and takes me to room with nice shower etc. I also like it here that the table is not up against a wall but centered in the room. When I do NR work from both sides and the top. 

Asked "cute gal's" name and while I didn't remember her from a year ago, low and behold Portuguese Isabella, who I also had last year. Did 40 minute NR with the evening $10 discount but was $140 vs. what website said $100/$110.

The session was exactly how I reviewed Isabella from May 2015, Fairly good massage although not deep and nothing much sensual until the flip and then quite good. As most folks know, I loving doing the reverse and the reactions I often get (trained in Esalen, done couples workshops, etc.). She comments on how nice my "silky smooth" hands are on her body and how its great to be able to relax so nicely. The website lists breast size as D which I usually avoid (prefer smaller) but on her were very soft and natural. She isn't exactly the model type of some high-end places or as sensual, but we hit it off again personality wise and her perhaps a bit girl next door body vs. the perfect model type.

She joked at the end it was good for me I lived in Phoenix or she would insist I come back every few weeks to give her massage!

Now about 1:40 AM see on GPS Locomotion is nearby... use takes me to same vacant lots it usually does - but I know it's somewhere on the other side... yes find it.. have a great highest intimacy rating dance with Sassy - next report.

Sassy at New Locomotion 

After Club 2 Mountains massage it's now about 1:40 AM and my GPS takes me to the usual vacant lots and tells me wrong side of the street. But I remember its a bit hidden from this angle of the road on the other side. Since it has been a year and I have been to so many clubs in the past wanted to be reminded what this club looked like. Oh yes, kind of like a newer version of Midway Invader that use to be a favorite clubs (and the original locomotion).

Still some dancers ... didn't have time for the wait to be picked game, and as rounded the corner eyes met with a bit more mature, attractive dancer (not old just not a 19 or 20-year-old). She looked beautiful so sat on the stool next to her. Then asked her if closed at 2 AM and that started a fast discussion. I suggested dance before closing and off we went left side VIP.

A song had just started so thought would get into it quick. However to my delight, no sat in lap and talked for a dance. As soon as I got my hands on her and her response knew it would be a great connection. She has danced nine years, including at the original loco and we quickly hit it off talking and cuddling. Then did two dances (before 2 AM closing) and was among best in my type of intimacy and interaction. She is from Northern Quebec (French Canadian and Native parents) and talked about the natural sensuality of French as we enjoyed each other. Looks in eyes, gentle kisses, the really good stuff I enjoy. A rare five on my 0-5 intimacy scare with five rare. Works I believe Mon-Thur eves. Said a few sexy French phrases (which she had to tell me what meant) -French her native language but perfect English with no hard to understand accents which I often have problems with.

Ariel at Steele's Royal Massage Tues afternoon 6/8/2016

In need of some deep muscle work with last night nice massage at Club Two Mountain but not real deep, I had noted Ariel for deep muscle reports of reviewers and on the SRM website that was marketed in bold Red on my pre-trip spreadsheet!

As typical after my closing New Loco at 2 AM, writing reports and relaxing didn't get to bed until 5 AM and set the alarm for 1 PM (I need 8 hours of sleep), noted Ariel only worked till 5 PM. Luck would have it; she was available at 3 PM. Had a few business calls to make and off I go. Traffic not too bad from Square One area and the latest Garmin map no longer has it located in the wrong place by an empty field but in the right place!

They seemed busy with the black receptionist keeping everyone happy at once! Room is a bit dark for my tastes (like to see the body) but found the light switch the turned on some bluish light over the table (lucky room 7). I like the newer hand shower thing that adjusts (not sure if new from a year ago or not), but lets see... lotion thing.. right is marked as shower gel and trying to figure out if the other two are the same (not marketed) or something else. So combined a bit of all 3! Ariel later told me it was a combination of shampoo and conditioner but OK that I mixed the 3. Makes sense but would have helped if marked :) Analytical detail me, from my CPA background!

Ok the best part - Ariel. GREAT. We really hit it off quickly. Great hug squeeze greeting did 50 min NR as usual. On the reverse as typical, she had really good comments about touch which led to lots of great discussions. For the reverse moved the table out a bit so could do my Esalen favorite strokes on both sides. She is REALLY GREAT at the deep muscle shoulder and lower back that I needed - and I have been to zillions of LMT massage gals (not the adult type). I rate strip club dancers on my infamous 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 being rare. Ariel was very much a 5+ on my intimacy scale (which is not based on sex). 

On body - wonderfully squeezable soft. Not large (I prefer slim to medium) but not quite model looks on the website as others have commented on. But extremely friendly "medium" and very wonderful for my touch and caressing and great naturals. She had some unique moves that others have mentioned which were great but hard to describe - and didn't have my glasses on or looking at what doing since just relaxed... and stimulated.

Plagiarizing from my spreadsheets of prior reviews, here are the key reports that I very much agree with:

" 5/2016 My back was legitimately messed up, thanks to many airplanes and bad hotel beds. I selected Ariel based almost solely on the description that she gives deep tissue massage and a scanty review I found here." (That I really paid attention to!)

"The massage was first rate, no question, she really got into it when I told her to stop holding back and dig in, I think she gets told she goes too deep at times, but it's what I sorely needed." (she asked a few times if too deep - no great, I am use to it and (knead) it)

"It was very daunting to find someone who knew what she was doing with my messed up back and was fun on top of that, and I hit a home run with Ariel."

"She works really hard and makes an effort... she was at Flirt under the same name. I remember reading that she gained a few lbs since going to SRM. Nice kisser and attractive facial features." 

"The best looking redhead I've ever seen... She's a curvy girl with good looks."

"She is very down to earth and seems to enjoy her job...she is not skinny, or a spinner, per se, but a nice size, and very natural."

"Winning smile and just the right amount of freckles and open minded-ness."

Now about 4PM, I have not eaten yet today and figured getting into rush hour. Also guided by my GPS stopped at various grocery stores it listed (including a Wall-Mart) looking for my favorite soda in almost all large stores in the U.S. (diet orange - not Crush but the other brand forget name just always get it in Phoenix). But no luck, and back at the hotel later, nice gal gave me list of others to try. 

I headed more or less Pure Gold way for their 2 for $20 VIP dances all day Wednesday. But being hungry stopped at my favorite restaurant - Tim Hortons - hadn't been since last Toronto trip since not in Phoenix area. So my fine dining is at Timmy's. Their new potato thing is great, and grilled cheese and Boston Cream pie donut. I use to get some great chili but didn't see it on the menu.

I have no idea where I am at this point, but I just follow the directions from the GPS woman. There was an area I was on the 427 that was busy but not backed up but ran next to the very almost not moving a mass of traffic on the 401! I wind up at Pure Gold - next report of a great time!

Pure Gold late Wed afternoon 6/8/2016

After a great time with Ariel at SRM, and fine dining at Timmy's.. arrive at Pure Gold and still had a spot in front.

Hmm.. placed was packed. Something about customer appreciation day and a buffet with a long line. I had just dined at Denny's so not hungry. Was it free? Looked good. Some raffle tickets laying around and some prizes on stage but never fully understood what it was all about. 

I note the address is still wrong on their website but from getting lost about two years ago I now had the correct address saved on my GPS. Gee, I even have the old "Office" strip club that closed long ago near old Loco, etc. Website with their sister clubs also still lists Pure Platinum in Niagara, which used to be my favorite first stop when flying into Buffalo and drive to Toronto after the great Niagara clubs of the past. Pure Plat closed at least two years ago! Penthouse another favorite is only open weekends with Sundowner, the only real good survivor!

Ok back to today... I fondly recall the great intimacy type dances of the past from Alexandria, Ilian, Anka, and Crystal all Eastern Europeans and Daffany from Ottawa. However, since more than a year ago don't remember them physically and looks like (and confirmed from those I met), all seem relatively new.

While packed with guys eating ... quite a good number of dancers working the floor. This being a smaller club than many others I was better able to make eye contact showing interest and eventually getting some dancers to approach me. At most clubs, I feel I should wear a sign "pick me." But as usual, most guys were just eating and looking instead of doing dances.


I approached tall, attractive black Mallory asking when they started having a buffet. She had no clue since is a recent new dancer. A bit hard to understand her accent but attractive. Is from Columbia. I am anxious to try out dancers with the 2 for $20 which makes me a bit less choosy. So off we go to her "office". Nice body but zero on my 0-5 intimacy scale with five rare. 

Made eye contact with my kind of perfect body type Sasha and she came over. Cute blond Russian which are usually along with most Europeans who seem more naturally my type of intimacy. She was great, perfect body soft natural small, responsive and very sweet. 4+ on my intimacy scale. Only negative stayed basically in one position (one of my favorite), but others are nice too. She was absorbing my kind of touch nicely. She has been here two months.


Next, a bit larger body than I prefer but so funny and outgoing Monica. Perhaps had a few too many drinks but was cute but talking on things like how stole one of the balloons and floated it. In choosing VIP booths seemed very fussy ...not that one... wound up near the back which all the dancers seemed to prefer. I asked what was the difference in booths and said it was something about the mirrors which I didn't really get. After dances discussed Niagara where she had been a shooters girl for Sundowner and then Solid Gold in Burlington (which I have also been to). She also knew Mints and the gay part of it, no not my interest but she likes all of both sexes. Not my body type and maybe a three on my scale but enjoyable perky, outgoing.


The best for last - in the end... am omitting name since more personal. I had noticed her many times when she was "soliciting" other guys and her nice body and going off to the VIP. Finally, when she was free, I made my move, shifting to the other side where she was heading, eye contact and smile as I go by and sit just ahead of her. It worked!

However... how can I nicely say she seemed a bit drunk :) Speech appeared to be a bit hard to understand as in slurring and when she was kneeling at my table she fell over and I had to catch her when someone bumped her walking by. But ok, let's try two dances. Asked what I do - Investment advisor - has no idea what that is but I must be "really smart." Well, not that smart. Asked hobbies - I don't drink or smoke but enjoy women as my only vice. She wished she could be more like that (the drinking and smoking I assume). 

Then I said, I enjoy more high touch, caressing, cuddly dances vs. the wild or GYN exam type. She is in my lap at this point waiting for the first of "our" songs to begin. She blurts out that she was recently divorced and never had any good cuddling with husband, and so desperately misses that she almost wanted to put an ad on Craigslist for a cuddler. I wasn't sure if she just wanted to "sell me" or was sincere.

Oh, she was sincere! In dances, she absorbed by kind of touch all over, nice naturals, etc. I get lots of good comments about my soft hands and touch (all the prior dancers here mentioned it). However, she probably said the nicest thing any dancer has said. Quite coherently said she had to tell me something which will sound odd since she has probably danced with 1000 men but that I was the best by far that she felt totally comfortable with immediately and could just relax and enjoy the touch. Obviously, I very much enjoyed. A strong 4+ on my intimacy scale!

As I often say I am not trying to be "gods gift to women" but encourage men to learn good touch, massage and intimacy skills vs. the usual I am told by dancers, groping, grabbing, etc. BTW, although usually just do it in the "R" portion of NR one of the best responses I get is when massaging hands, in addition to some of my favorite Esalen strokes. Foot massage is also enjoyed. However, that is not part of my short "R" technique. Sometimes remember to try it with dances with good response.


OK, I am intimacied out for the night and back to my grocery store search and back to the hotel.

Trip plans - Unlike past trips, I am going to not to the rounds of strip clubs as much. (PF if your reading take note). If I really connect with a dancer with my type of great body, I'd like to do more but not extra's in a VIP but in a bed or in NR massage. Instead of spending a fortunate on so many $20 dances I think I am going to try and some incalls etc., since some near me and for probably half hours. And probably some more NR massage. So many choices on my spreadsheets trying to match my body type hints in reviews of intimacy etc.

Thursday am meeting a decade old friend for dinner. While I fell in love on last two trips when we went to 2 Guys from Italy in Streetsville he wants to take me to some new places have a Lakeshore somewhere near Sagua I understand. Hey, I am flexible as he is more into kind of quaint places and I on my own do the fine dining at Timmy's, McDonalds, Perkins and Denny's which he avoids :)

So my plan is to work on my spreadsheets vs. who is working where when and not do anything adult on Thursday other than dinner with my friend!

BTW was never offered "extra's" at the two clubs so far (which I turn down), although one of my least preferred dancers tonight did offer me "take out," which I turned down. If two of the others made such as offer, I might consider it!

C36 compliance note: Of course I never offer money for sex only for companionship and mostly I enjoy a mutual massage, caressing, cuddling not raw sex!

Carolina at HotPink Incall

As planned I took Thursday off from my annual enjoyment of Toronto's women and had a great time with my long-time friend, who also enjoyed my spreadsheets and had some additional recommendations. I may later this trip, break my general rule of avoiding all breasts over D for at least one where are personalities and sensual intimacy match may exceed my usual smaller than D guidelines!

The friend took me on a new adventure and walked in the park as well as a small Italian eating place in Port Credit, there since 1959 with a nice Polish waitress. Since the friend has been to Poland, he detected a slight Polish accent and was correct. I had some great meatballs; he had pizza. While I didn't have my trusty GPS with me as he kind of knew where he was going. Later, from looking at Google, we must have would up at JJ Plaus Park. The big boulders on the Google pictures he stood on and I took some pictures with the skyline of Toronto in the background and of course the vastness of Lake Ontario. Nice hike on a trail to this viewing spot. I can do some tourist things here besides just being with women!

Port Credit for some reason was a very busy seems like college town late night? Scads of young folks all over the main road, live bands and groups meeting hugging each other! On a Thursday night. My friend commented in the restaurant, wonder if this is an SP hangout as so many of the gals were escort quality. This compared to prior visit in Streetsville where it was almost deserted after 8 PM when the restaurant we were at in 2014 and 2015 closed.

So much for the Travelogue - back to meeting women and spending late night back at hotel going through my spreadsheets of women from various agencies trying to match schedules for Fri. Since I had never been to an incall and actually not any "companions" in my 2014 and 2015 trips (just NR massage and strip clubs), I decided to try a few this trip. With a preference to those with Mississauga or Airport locations.

By bedtime about 4 AM or so, had narrowed in on one agency with five gals available Friday at the airport or Sauga locations but would have to wait until got up about noon to call to set up. So had the risk they would be booked. When up easily reached the booker (don't think it was the owner who had the great podcast I linked to) for hotpink and asked her advice for the slower sensual type not wild. She eliminated two I had listed as more Pam Anderson porn types which I appreciated. Set up with Carolina for 4:30 PM, which was at a large higher end nice hotel which my Garmin GPS easily found. Before that, I dined at a nearby Timmy's with a grilled cheese and chili. 

OK so what about Carolina you ask?

Great for Dave body type as in pictures. Soft just right C naturals. She is relatively new in the business earning money to go to college in Nursing and commutes from her home city (and sometimes I think stays at incall). Before we hardly touched, we started talking a lot. She seems very intelligent. I tend to talk a lot when someone is interested and asks questions, in these situations vs. have no clue what to say if ever go to a business social gathering such as at national conventions not knowing people. I am not a social small talk gabber, have no interest in sports, nor the usual guy talk. However, often have great rapport with dancers/massage/companions, as well as my business clients and friends.

She opened up a lot on her personal life, pros and cons of the business vs. she at home would be the last person her family or friends would think would go into the adult business. She was unaware but a bit fascinated by other types of adult work, like what are the nude-reverse parlors, etc. , also some of the religious (strict Christian background) issues. She amazed I was a Billy Graham counselor back in Mpls long ago when I had very conservative religious views. Then my Liberated Christian swingers group/website/Lifestyles speaker at conventions "Swinging Christians, not a biblical issue), etc.

But we didn't just talk... I had also booked 60 minutes since my intent on doing just 30-minute sessions. My friend talked me into longer sessions (like 45) especially since "shower time" is counted (I do quick and always have also done at my hotel). (UPDATE unlike massage places where you always have to take a shower which is in the room, none of the incalls I visited required a shower after I told them I had just had one before I left the hotel and I seemed to pass the smell test!) Since hotpink's 40 minutes is $200 but their TERB member 60 minutes is only $20/more at $220 (which was about $170 in U.S. dollars) that made the most sense and worked out to be perfect with all our talk.

As most folks know I have no interest in the typical stuff that most guys are and skip all that and open up with my massage that usually establishes the intimacy connection! Yes in this case, as usual, worked great to establish a more intimacy connection and interaction.

On other stuff, I had to kind of take the lead, but once got into it is very responsive and great. I don't go into play by play details for legal and privacy reasons but while a bit new to the adult world (after giving up on the usual dating stuff and a bad experience), she enjoys sensuality and as other reports have indicated fairly good with the stuff I have no interest in that involves mouths!

She has met some nice customers, has a great body in my view, and it was a very enjoyable hour.

I know I am now in rush hour traffic and despite my better judgment, for old times sake, I point my GPS to Midway Invader sort of on the way back to my near Square One hotel with a stop at Diary Queen! 

Midway Invader about 5:30 PM Friday 6/10/2016

After a great time with Carolina at Hotpink airport incall, being rush hour traffic which might be a problem despite recent bad reviews, for old times sake decided to stop at Midway Invader that years ago use to be one of my favorites. 

Seems to be more build up around it than I recall and back lot was all for them instead of the other business now behind them?

Front parking lot about 80% full, but inside very few customers. Thought there would be more of an after work crowd. There were ZERO customers at any of the tables and the "high chairs" in front of the bar and sides about 60% with guys. Almost as many dancers as customers, which is good for Dave ratio.

However, this trip trying not to spend so much on strip club laps but more incalls with so many choices now and of course my favorite NR massage in Peele Region.

I avoided some gals not my type and had my usual required here diet coke ($6.50?)

1) Chanel - attractive taller slimmer black from Montreal (goes back and forth) and family from Trinidad. Definitely my body type with not too big naturals. I am physically attracted to darker skinned, slender women like Chanel - especially taller.

I have met another Chanel dancers. I say like Chanel #5? Often they say well I'm Chanel #1. This Chanel, however, said well maybe not #1 but #2. She was a lot of sex talk with me like getting lots of stuff with her in the VIP etc. I explained that wasn't my interest and had just had a good experience at an incall and prefer to do that stuff on a bed, not a chair. That lead into a rather good intelligent discussion. Off we went to the VIP right of the stage for more my caressing intimacy. She was reasonably good but still a bit too much sex talk. At the end wanted to give me her phone to meet later, but I passed. I know I am odd! I would give her an average three on my 0-5 intimacy scale - about average - with five being rare.

2) Jenny from Hungary. She is shorter, nice slim body. I recall in 2014 and 2015 had great sensual dances at Pure Gold from two or three from Hungary as is often the case with European -especially Eastern European and French women. While her body was nice and fairly intimate didn't feel a close connection. Had nice soft naturals but when she didn't totally take her top off during the 1st song that is kind of a deal killer for me to go on to more. Just one song and a 3+ a bit on my intimacy scale.

OK, spend enough here - back to rush hour traffic. There were a few other dancers working the few guys and walking around that were my type of attractiveness. However, just didn't want to spend as much on strip clubs this trip.

Forum Discussion about using Agencies vs. Independents in Canada my reply to discussion:

Jessie - While I am certainly not an expert on Toronto agencies since only a visitor week or so at a time for over ten years and haven't done outcall's for a few years - but read a lot. I also have a close friend here that knows many of the agency owners and has a very favorable view of many. We have discussed a lot about the different agencies. So his views are far more informed than mine and is a good source of info related to Toronto. 

I agree sex of owner/manager isn't really that important. I have heard podcast's of a few that I thought were very positive looking out for their "assets" (the gals).

It would seem if a companion wants to be very busy (not all do), or want more free time to yourself for other life's activities, it is much more time efficient to have an agency or at least a booker. You save time not having to do ads, answer phones and to the extent the agency screens that all would seem to save you a lot of time. 

When I did do outcall's from various agencies, there was always a driver that stayed in the area unless had another "delivery or pick up near by.

In those days driver always called 5-10 minutes as time is almost up as a warning (which can be distracting but understand reason). Maybe in 10 experiences driver was always there to pick up lady when done and incoming most were within 5-10 minutes of stated arrival time. We often have a huge traffic mess on main highway 401 even off hours.

I use to know the typical split of agencies which was far better than in the U.S. for the gal. In the U.S. split is usually 50% but rare to have a driver. Popular Madam Rose was unusual since she paid the gals 60% and attracted a lot of visiting ladies. The pay structure as I understand is far better in Canada.

I agree would be more nervous with total unknown and have to rely on booker screening. However, as I mentioned if just set up a "date" hard to learn much about the new customer. Some escorts I am friends with in Phoenix do talk a lot to them on the phone to kind a better "feel" of them - not slurred drunk speech etc. In the U.S., because of the extreme legal risk, most companions require a reference of another provider they have seen and try to contact the reference. That of course also helps, but you don't need or seem to have that kind of system in Canada. 

Many of the larger Toronto agencies monitor review boards and respond to any problems. That way they get to know the reaction of guys to various gals. Many bookers know about reviews and can help direct a guy to might be a good fit. I have had that happen many times for my odd interests (now with incalls). For special things like B/D that may require more direct discussion with the gal, I agree. Also on a podcast a gal called lots of agencies while on the air asking if they had any bi gals that she could book. Only a few of maybe 7 she called on the air, had any idea and would have to get back to her. A few said they don't provide services of women for women, a few had to check with the boss or gals and a few (maybe 1) said yes and made recommendations.

On C36, most major city PD's including a long press release from Toronto PD, most say no changes in enforcement but will follow the harm reduction model. Not interesting in going after consenting adults (customers only at risk), but concentrate on under aged or forced pimping. Montreal, Victoria, B.C., Vancouver and a few other cities I have read similar reports. A few Alberta I believe cities and one North of Toronto I understand may be more aggressive. Reverdy here has a great thread with over 100 pages keeping up on C36 busts around Canada and maybe 90% are related to under-aged or forced pimping. The exceptions have been some street stings - which adds the public nuisance factor. 

On your good points about how much info booker can discuss under C36, most seem rather open, but there are ways you can phrase things without being asking directly about sex. However, what she might enjoy seems not to relate to breaking the law by "paying for sex acts." Pre C36 agencies have the same problem not "living of the avails". Seemed never a problem again since sell time, not sex.

Customers of Indy's would seem to have a higher risk when the companion lists on websites illegal acts related to GFE, etc. The agencies have changed their wording to avoid that. In the U.S., just having GFE or worse in ads or reviews can be very risky since ads are solicitation and reviews are often used in probable cause statements for grand jury indictments. So far none of those issues in Canada going after customers. In Arizona it is also a crime to not list escort license number in your ad. Same mandatory 15 days in jail on first offense as for solicitation. I have never yet seen an ad in compliance since requires a log of all activities, positive ID of each customers in the record etc., and of course, can not do anything sexual. Scottsdale has been especially active arresting escorts simply for not having an escort license and number in ads. 

Like you trying not to bash agencies same with me for Indy's. I do have some Indy's on my spreadsheets but just seems easier from the customer view to use agencies, often less costly, easy to set up etc. Since I am so picky physically and looking for less wild, not looking for porn stars etc reviews and personal incites from my friend who sees many gals is valuable. 

While you got interrupted by your cat... I had cleaning lady come.... I guess to protect them they want the person to leave the room for 10-15 minutes while clean. I said was too busy to do so and she gave in and cleaned around me. I was not at all attracted to her but maybe they try and protect the cleaning lady that way. 


Conway's comments are especially true with Backpage ads and even more so in the U.S. We have cash and dash, robberies, not to mention undercover police stings set up on backpage to entrap.

Mira at hotpinklist night of 6/12/2016

One of best experiences - Combination of my highest five rare rating on my stripper lap dance intimacy scale but often wish I could do more but in a bed - not in a VIP chair! I am getting hooked on incalls and moving away from so much strip club activities that I have done over the last decade! Also combines some of the Nude-reverse massages I usually do.

Mira was a great combination of all of this, and we had a great connection and conversation. Fortunately, I booked a full hour at the $220 special rate. 

First, how I decided tonight to add her to my spreadsheet of potential companions and found she was stiff available:

Since she was listed as "New" on the site, I kind of liked her pictures (especially the one with darker looking skin) but either didn't search for or find any reviews for what I am looking for. Therefore, I didn't include her last week on my spreadsheet as the 5th HPL option. At that time, I saw Carolina.

Then this morning MattRoxx posted a great review with the stuff I am most interested in. To plagiarize part of his review:

"I don't know what I was expecting but she was sexier and way cuterr (sic) than I had imagined and I sort of regretted only booking ' hour. Beautiful and ample young breasts. I laid down on the bed, she got in beside me, and a cuddle turned into teasing kisses. ...Mira also has a sweet soft voice so when she said something erotic like, 'I'll do whatever you want' I leaned back and enjoyed .... And the view - she's very good at making eye contact and looking to see if you're enjoying what she's doing. BOOM by the time I came it was already 25 minutes in so a quick shower, hug and a kiss and I floated out on an endorphin high."

Then redoing search, I found some older reviews that were a bit negative on stuff I have no interest in but enticing for what I enjoy.

My wonderful intimacy encounter:

When I confirmed my arrival to get room number I asked who I was speaking with and it was owner Selena, very friendly. Due to my old age shrinking brain I recognized her name but had forgotten she was the one that did a great podcast that I mentioned a few weeks ago and posted the length!

Room at hotel very nice - separate small living room neat area from bedroom vs. typical hotel with just a large room. 

But the best was behind the door when opened... a very friendly with lots of kisses and hugs the star of the show Mira. Did I mention how friendly the intro? Kisses I like that are nice, not DFK like some do. During the whole hour, she does a lot of kissing which I like all!

Asks if I want to shower. I always shower at my hotel before I come but usually seems just have to do fast shower at incalls. But she gave me the option, as I must not have stuck, and I passed since just had one which was fine with her.

Quickly shed clothes uncovering a very nice dark suntanned like body. One of the pictures on the HPL site looks far too white, but another seems more true to her darker but not black skin. This comes from her heritage of Indian and Guyanese but grew up in a small town in Canada.

Skipping the usual other stuff using the mouths I am oddly not interested in start with my usual giving her massage with good response. We had already done some of my favorite sport of naked cuddling and nicely caressing which is what I actually enjoy most. She obviously also enjoys, and we seemed to be really perfect for each other in these interests. 

Then she massaged me. WOW, she is great with real massage especially on the back along the spine for all my kinks and knots. It turns out she has no massage training; it just is natural and she worked at well known Toronto massage parlors before coming to HPL. One of which is my favorite for NR. I didn't ask what name she used there. Then kind of a nice body slide. 

We also at the same time had a very good discussion about the industry, her plans, etc. She is a law student and with the flexible schedule of HPL is ideal for her. Says Selena is very nice to work for. 

Very willing to do a Kumasutra position and worked well. 

Best of all we seemed like perfect cuddle bunnies for each other with lots of kisses. She mentions that I was unique in a good way. Works great for me.

Great interview of Selena owner of hotpinklist agency 

The way it used to be with Madam Rose in Phoenix and a few others.

How she works with guys on the phone screening and helping with a match for their needs. She was a prior phone person at other agencies first in Niagara/Hamilton and now her agency that includes Toronto. 

Shares how she cares for and treats both her companions, drivers and customers to assure safety and honesty. Of course, no legal issues for agencies in Canada who provide a driver if an outcall and details with pictures of all the companions, and just offer time.

She invites the police to inspect their incalls any time to be sure all the gals are over age 18. I know there are similar wonderful agency owners in Toronto/Niagara this is just an example from a recent podcast.

This is the way it should be in the U.S. to reduce potential harm and for positive sexuality if one doesn't want to go the sugarbaby route if desire healthy sexuality. Sadly, not in the U.S., where sexwork is far more dangerous with criminalization.

In my view, this is a very interesting 1-hour interview. I have the link on my board at

HAI Meeting Friday Night 6/10/2016 in Toronto

Back in the 1980's I transformed from a needy nerd shy guy with women into the intimacy loving women seeking maniac I am today:) Much of this comes from my experiences with Stan Dale's Human Awareness Institute "Love, Sex and Intimacy" weekend workshops I attended for a few years at Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California.

I hope this doesn't just sound like an ad, but I'll share about a group that has provided so many thousands of people life changing awareness of true love, intimacy and sexuality (being so much more than genitals and thrusting). I have no financial interest and just found that they have the Toronto group meetings and workshops.

I learned more love in this group, when I went to many workshops in the mid-1980's than in all my many years in conservative Christians churches, as an elder, Billy Graham counselor, etc. But I never really learned true love in a Church.

The rest of an article of my experiences is at my site:

I didn't realize until this trip that Toronto had a local HAI group. It had been a decade or so since I had any contact other than the memorial service for founder Stan Dale I reported on in 2007 at

I met with the Toronto group via their meetup group which was mostly an intro meeting for new folks with about 20 in a nice home in Yonge and Sheppard area. Had great discussion with the leader Eric, who is an older guy like me but whose manner and techniques are similar to Stan Dale. They do workshops at Ecology Retreat Centre, Orangeville Ontario area. Eric had been on a China Trip with Stan Dale sharing our type of love and Stan had earlier made trips to Russia (which I recall from the 80s) and another trip to China. 

We talked about some changes over the years. I mentioned I wasn't into some of the more eclectic/ New Age stuff like talking to trees at about level 3, and even worse the trees talking back. He joked that yep they still talk to trees but a lot has changed over the years. I never went beyond I believe level 3 of the 5-6 different levels as it got a bit more I perceived New Agey and I grew the most after levels 1 and 2. No, its not like some cults or Scientology that pressure you into more courses!

Today, gender balance is more complicated with birth vs. perceived gender! In the 1980s one of the most colorful and outstanding assistants that I remember was a very gay guy Floyd Goff, who sadly died of HIV in the 80's.

While some of the stuff I wasn't interested in, I credit HAI with most of my growth in intimacy and intimate sexuality more than the usual raw sex stuff.

Toronto meetup group if anyone interested in exploring is at

Brooke at Scarletdoormodels at airport hotel Monday afternoon 6/13/2016

Brooke was recommended to me by my Toronto friend and in my terb research I found this review from May by Titalian which I have plagiarized (not really since giving credit) that caught my attention and he said it well which was also my experience:

"When I arrived at her door, I was really taken back, by the suite she was in, this was all class. And to see her standing there in all her beauty and sexiness made it all that better. What can I say, I’ve been around many beautiful women in my life, civie and otherwise. But Brooke just does it for me! No details here just to say that she is very giving! And to SDM, Venetia, you certainly know how to choose your providers and create a great atmosphere, Brooke in particular."

So with that intro and my friend's great experience when I arrived I shared with Brooke what my Toronto friend had just e-mailed me: 

"If you want to marry Brooke, I think you'll have to take a number - like in a bakery."

I showed the e-mail to Brooke, who knows my friend and enjoyed it. My friend and Venetia also know each other, so I passed on to her his reminder that they were going to get together for tea, which Venetia laughed and agreed with.

Ok, my 45 minutes for $210 of companionship time was great. I am getting good by now explaining my oddity and how I prefer to skip the usual and start with giving massage instead. All three incalls this trip that has gone over very well with the gals welcoming the change.

While Brooke may be a bit more mature, she still has just as an attractive young body as the others I meet, incalls, strippers, and NR massage gals. We hit it off great both on an intimacy and intelligent conversation level. Our interests in human sexuality, experiences, etc., were great to share as with Mira, we can enjoy intimacy and meaningful conversation at the same time.

Brooke was very open to my Kumasutra position idea. This was a different one than I used with Mira. I am amazed that probably 90% of women I try this with have never experienced it, but all have said that they very much liked it including Brooke. I can tell by their body reaction that I am quite sure they really do like it not just saying so. This one provides deeper penetration combining clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Of course, sex is not being paid for just time to be in compliance with C36. 

While I violated my not always enforced selection criteria for my breast fetish of not D or larger and naturals, Brooke's were very nice - I may need to expand my criteria slightly. My Toronto friend is sometimes into larger ones than I am but I am expanding.

I also want to meet two of my friend's recommendations (and who have my kind of reviews) from sexyfriendstoronto. However, one is only downtown this week (I try and avoid the traffic, etc. ), and 2nd isn't on the schedule this week or last, although I need to check again. After the last gal at MD, I also want to consider an incall with her body type with my kind of intimacy. Only have three days left so need to do more research and planning... and hope to meet 2nd time with my "Toronto Friend" (male). Outcall probably won't work well since can not make the elevator move up without swiping room card, or have to register at the front desk, or figure out how to meet in the lobby.

A very enjoyable session. 

Now getting into rush hour traffic going back to the hotel and decide to ask my GPS about strip clubs nearby for old times sake. I have discovered a new passion for incalls when can combine the intimacy I enjoy in lap dances, with most of what I enjoy with Nude Reverse adult massages places, but in a bed and as friends the other options. So not doing scads of strip clubs like on prior trips. Best of all without the noise that some folks call music blaring in strip clubs making it hard at times to have a real conversation. On the other hand, if I don't go too crazy with too many dancers it can be more frugal. On another hand, it wastes more time standing to wait to be approached and the required drink (my usual diet coke or Pepsi) which I really don't need - and makes my hand cold when I prefer having a warm hand on a dancer's body :)

But OK...MDS is sort of on the way...and those stairs will give me some exercise. Am very glad I detoured there.. especially the last dancer. Next report.

MDS (Million Dollar Saloon) Great time Monday afternoon 6/13/2016

After a great time with Brooke at Scarletdoormodels noted it is getting into heavy traffic time and for old time sake noted MDS was sort of on the way and closest to me. I'm no longer doing my many dancers at many clubs like in the past since I have found incalls now more my interests since so many now vs. so few under the old law.

I know strip clubs are less popular vs. the ten years ago "good old days", but surprised late afternoon that there were so few customers at MDS. The dancer/customer ratio was favorable for "old Dave" but had to buy the required drink (diet coke in my case). Some dancers were attractive so stayed to see what would happen... and very glad I did, especially the last dancer who I wish I could meet at an incall and should search for more her body type.

1) "Heidi Hoe" great name! Nice slim body and Czech. Up the stairs, we went to her "office". As usual, these Eastern European are often some of the best for my type of intimacy. A bit of an accent language barrier but nice two dances. A 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with five being very rare.

2) Michelle from Nova Scotia. Nice body just a bit larger rear than my ideal. Just did one dance, average three on my intimacy scale. Went to the same "office" as Heidi Hoe - they must like that seat kind of at a back end side.

3) Rica originally from Haiti and then Montreal. Cute with glasses, darker skin, nice kind of athletic perhaps body. Quite articulate and had a good conversation. Odd - I have had this happen before but not this directly. I am at one of the high chair tables stage right off bar and Rica approaches with the usual body contact, and I reach out and kind of hug. My auto reflex is with left arm kind of gentle light massage on her back while talking, nothing really much. After the small talk, she invites me for dances. When I agree she says, "but the first one your not going to pay for because I want you to massage my back." Great, since I love doing it on such an attractive body. Up the stairs we go. We hit it off great, and I enjoy massaging, caressing her body, nice soft smaller breasts, etc. Initially massaging her back (she is especially tight lower above the waist and right side and along spine - most know I have been professionally trained in sensual Esalen massage, taught couples groups, etc. and lucky for me zillions of women say I have nice smooth or silky soft hands they love to have on their bodies. 

As I recall after the 1st song she does a more normal nice sensual dances, and I am enjoying my usual hands-on caressing, etc. After first song I say will do my usual two. Since I am so frugal, I am always concerned about doing more than I want or up counting, etc. So I kind of wanted to stop after 2nd (actually 3rd including massage for free song). But she nicely says something like she is not a stage dancer and can choose to stay with nice guys whether paying or not and if I am willing just wants to stay with me for awhile, but I will only pay for two dances. Love her honest, open approach. I am more than happy to keep going. She gets her wonderful naked body laying on me in various positions for good access with my hands to various parts (especially lower back) and continue for about two more songs. Besides my massaging which I enjoy about a good four on my intimacy scale for other things and a very nice encounter.

Then the best was last:

Coming down the stairs, I note a gaggle of about six dancers nearby including Michelle kind of watching me. Maybe I am known for either great touch, or I'm about the only guy in the club at least that is paying for dances! And, almost THE only guy in the club! I don't want to spend more money as its flowing out fast with all the incalls but have been well worth it. I kind of wander away from the group of dancers sort of heading out when this very tall, very slender (my type) very attractive dancer that I have not seen before eyes me and approached. This is a role reversal as usually I feel I should wear a sign saying "pick me" trying to attract dancers at least that I am attracted to, but now I'm trying to avoid and leave! But.. she is too beautiful.

4) Kimmy half Canadian and half Japanese! For some reason, I am very attracted to her and off we go, this time left side only shorter stairs to her office. Hmm... hard do I describe. No talk but we communicated via great intimate touch even better than verbally and was not sex but my kind of loving touch intimacy which she seemed to absorb and respond back in kind even with some of my more than usual small ways she picked up on with great response and mutual. I did my rare three dances and an even more rare 5+ on my intimacy scale. Oh, it would be nice if he was available as a companion on a bed! Wonderfully nice responsive probably A sized breasts and great rest of body :) At the end standing up, a hug looking in eyes and not having to look down (I'm a bit over 6'1" - use to be just under 6'2" but shrank a bit in old age) asked her how tall she was. She laughed and said 5'7" as she took off her 6" high-heeled shoes to show me how she shrinks without shoes. Even shorter, I liked her body!

OK make my escape before I succumb to another dancer - back into traffic and return to hotel, take a nap, write these reports, and try and plan next 3 days before I go off into the sunset on Air Canada, back to Phoenix for probably another year and the start of our exciting monsoon and watching out for lightning bolts. No problem with flooding since I am on a large hill near a mountain, overlooking North Phoenix, so all the water runs downhill past me. However, a few years ago lighting hit my Cox cable line and blew out a PC circuit board and my Tivo machine. 

On the forum sample replies:

Take a nap! Sounds like you may have needed it. Great reviews, as always 'old' Dave!

Thanks, I'm fond of long form reviews, though I don't know how you keep all of those names in your head. (I can't.)

he keeps notes

He keeps drinking

Dave replies after return to Phoenix:

I can not possibly keep names in head, I almost forget them by the time done with the dances and have to ask again.

I have a little notebook that fits in my breast pocket. I always wear shirts that have them. It is not the diet cokes I drink if forced to buy a drink!

I use to slip into the Men's room between dances to make notes which I sometimes still do.

At a few clubs dancers when I made fast notes in the club noticed - one even wanted to see what I was writing. I just say have to jot down names to remember when I return. I often jot down more and my "intimacy score." In each club, I tend to find places with enough light to see to write but not be as easily seen by dancers. However, sometimes just going to the Men's room a lot is a better solution especially if want to write a long note to remember who and what when I get back to my hotel to do reports. 

Am now back in Phoenix in time for the 110-118F heat. But I enjoy the monsoon that is about to start so do my Toronto May or June trip when its warm enough in your land and starting to heat up here. I use to live in Minneapolis area before Phoenix. No thanks, snow, cold and in Mpls 88F with 80% humidity was just as bad as 110 dry heat in Phoenix.

Discussion of Toronto vs others as best city at reasonable rates for attractive adult companions 

Much agreement that Montreal and Toronto tops. However, like my experience in Montreal you really have to know French to really enjoy the best of Montreal companions at a frugal cost. U.S. of course not considered with unique unfavorable legal issues. The pimp houses of Nevada are some of the worst places for their high costs to be legal.

From someone recently back from London:

"Agencies and indies in Toronto usually have really nice incall locations (i.e., in modern highrises or posh hotels and everything looks clean and new). While in London, unless the SP stays at a nice hotel, incall locations usually don't look as nice as their counterparts in Toronto. Incidentally, I've heard people seeing an SP in a shed outside a house in London. 

"In terms of services and looks, I would say SPs in Toronto dominate their counterparts in London. For instance, we have so many gems in Toronto. In London, you are very unlikely to find SPs that are look as attractive as our gems. Also, service-wise, SPs in Toronto are better as well. Incidentally, I (and many other "punters") found that Romanian SPs in the UK in general are the most restrictive and offer terrible services. And a good proportion of SPs in the UK are Romanian."

Dave notes for my kind of sensual intimacy, in general, my best experiences in Toronto area have been with Eastern Europeans including Russians, Hungarian, Romanians, Czech, Polish and of course the great French-Canadians.

"Attitudes: Again, SPs in Toronto dominate their counterparts in London. Most girls in Toronto are pretty laid-back and friendly. In London, it really depends on the background of the SPs. At least for me personally, I fount that Polish SPs are the most friendly and then the local British SPs (although they are a minority in the business) come in second. Hungarian SPs are pretty nice too. If I say anything more about SPs from other places, you will probably call me a racist. So let's just leave it at this. 

"Prices: The rates in Toronto are a lot more reasonable than those in London for sure. However, if you work in the UK, the real costs would be about the same, but the experience on average in Toronto is a lot better. You get more bang for you buck. 

"In terms of diversity/variety, Toronto beats London every single day. In London, most SPs are from Eastern Europe (mostly from Romania, Poland, and Hungary). Local British SPs account only for less than 10% (my own estimation, I doubt there's a statistics anywhere on this matter). There aren't that many Asian SPs in London. While in Toronto, you can find SPs of all sorts of backgrounds. 

"I can't really comment on hobbying in Amsterdam, but I heard it's a lot worse than in the UK. 

"I can confirm that hobbying in Toronto is a lot better than hobbying in Vancouver or the US. Haven't tried Montreal yet, but I'd say that Toronto is probably one of the top places on Earth for this hobby. 

"Another place that I think could be better than Toronto is Germany because of its FKK establishments."

Nadia @ Garden of Eden great connection after downtown problem Tuesday evening 6/14/2016

I am glad I broke my rule of not going downtown! My Toronto friend who is more like normal guys in interests vs. my small breast, and intimacy interests and skip the usual opening stuff and give massage instead. However, he has known me for over a decade and has been very good with recommendations for my interests. Like myself, he enjoys women as intelligent beings, not just a sex object.

From the GOE pictures even realizing they are enhanced a bit in skin color and perfection she was the tall, slimmer, smaller natural breasted woman I prefer. I am also looking for more smaller butts which I enjoy having my hands on vs. bigger. Yay, I like small breasts and small butts

Nadia has few reviews. My friend says in part:

" could see the soft-spoken, sweet, and sensuous EE Lady Nadia (Garden of Eden) for an incall ... Nadia is really a hidden gem. Sweet girl who actually studied philosophy. The English skills of both xxx and Nadia are fine. Not 99% like xxxxxx, but I'd say in the 75%-80% range. They are both educated young women. I'd recommend both of them, but Nadia more so."

The journey - skip review section of not interest in my travelog journey!

Easy to set up appointment 45 minutes for $200 option my friend said should be able to do. GOA nice Victoria said it was $220 which I was fine with, and these less than 1-hour rates are only for certain companions.

I leave plenty of time, and my GPS takes me on the QEW from Square One area with no traffic issues until after a turn into the downtown area with an appointment at 8:30 PM. Now the frustration and why I avoid downtown - but was worth it for a great session with Nadia. I am given an address for my GPS which is close to the condo but as expected have to call when arrive to get the exact place, buzzer number and room.

I arrive about 8:10, easily find the address but of course where to park? My friend who has been here had told me on the phone earlier of a parking place a few blocks away but not sure I have directions down right and would rather be closer to not get lost walking to it since the area is a mass of people and buildings. Obviously, I am used to the more open suburb areas of cities which is why I stay in Mississauga.

I call GOA saying I will wait until 8:30 but need a better clue where I am actually going and if have any parking. GOA gives me the exact address (across the street from GPS one which is great), but GOA doesn't have any idea where to park. There is no open street parking, there is a lot for an adult place but is full, and I drive around, eventually getting a bit lost and only find 20-minute limit parking and private lots.

I stop somewhere and dig out my scribble notes from friends discussion of a parking lot. Of course, I am in the wrong direction get turned around via various narrow side streets and watching GPS map to try and keep track of where the parking would be relative to the incall so I can find it walking. Lots of parking! Parking meter machines.. 30 minutes for something... then confusing but a $10-night option. I am a bit frustrated since I am now late which I never so just figure out how to get the ticket for $10-night rate.

My GPS with all the tall building blocking is slow to update as I start walking in the direction I last thought was right. I have the location mapped, but GPS shows me off the path. A young guy is walking by, and I ask if this is the right way to xxx Street. I thought he was local and would know, but he quickly pulls out his phone and finds yes its the next block. If I had walked about ten more feet, I would have seen the street sign. The GPS was not updating my walk fast enough since has a hard time seeing the satellites with tall buildings around. 

Find the nice location and all else easy once I got there. 


Nicely greeted by Nadia, great body my type slim, nice hug. Using smaller bedroom as larger on in use. Discuss my skipping the usual and give massage instead. She loves the idea as most do. Do my thing she notices my nice touch. Do my usual intimacy stuff and she is very willing to try my special position 1, goes well with favorable physical body response. Then, what I call position 2 which I hadn't really done yet at least for this long with others this trip. It also may work better with a woman like Nadia with a more slim waist area to have the certain muscle interaction.

She is very responsive in her sensuous touch back to me. Not talking as much as the other incall gals, but that is not bad just in other combined good conversation with the intimacy moves. I think the ongoing conversation with others was more their doing than mine and silence can be golden and just talk by good touch. I had this odd feeling unusual that while her physical response was great wasn't sure if more mechanical vs. real intimacy for the moment connection that seemed clearer with most other massage, strippers, and companions I had been with - wow was I wrong in this assumption soon to be discovered.

In the only other review I could find, the guy raised the same question if they had any "connection" or not vs. just mechanical. I can not really describe the feeling as of course it has nothing really to do with the great physical sex. 

She is starting to interact very nicely in what I call position two - its like I am silently teaching her something new, and she is experimenting back. Wow, was I right.

I am getting concerned about time and ask something like how are you doing? That opened a great floodgate of communications. She asks something like what were those things we did, was that tantra or something, it was great. She had not experienced either before said were unique, and she mentions the 2nd was such a wonderful intimate "connection."

While we are still "connected" we have a great kind of sex ed discussion she is fascinated with. Talk about female dumbells, kind of spiritual like connection she liked with me... she was totally absorbing it all in a very positive way. Even talked about my Sybian machine, swinging while interacting physically intimately more like others. She seemed very sincere in her liking the experience, how my girlfriend is really lucky (I don't have one!), etc.

Then I was getting really worried about the time and asked while I could go on for hours this way, wondered if she gets a call or just knows when the time is up. No, she turned off her cell but better look at the clock. Oh my, had no idea we were enjoying this so long! We uncouple, wind down, get dressed, she comments how it was a great unique experience and hopes to see me again as for all but seemed very sincere. Of course, any sex was as friends not for any fee - which was only for time with Nadia.

Very nice session after a slow start, I enjoyed, other than the parking and mobs of people and cars, nice condo. However, for what most guys want I can't help much other than my "Toronto friend" is more normal and has had great times with Nadia!


I am getting lots of private messages asking about "position 1" I have mentioned in other reviews so will do the best I can with a kind of Sex Ed post more about it and now "position 2" in a lounge post. I am sure there are those far better and more experienced in these position things than I am but for some, it may be of interest.

I only have two days left of my ten days here. Have all sorts of incalls on my spreadsheet in priority order but probably only see two more. Plan to have another dinner meeting with "Toronto friend" and probably a female friend of his (not in the industry). 

 One of the highest priority and on the schedule the next two days is another of his recommendations that are usually great matches for me.

I fly back to Phoenix early Friday morning after a very enjoyable ten days.

Kind of Sex Ed with friends - In response to many PM questions from my reports in incall section:

I have mentioned a position that about 90% of the women I have done it with over decades have said they have never experienced, but very much enjoy. It provides deep stimulation to both the clitoris and the G-spot. This has been confirmed to me by various women I have done it with, and it physically makes sense. 

It has some similarities to what some have referred to as The Nirvana Kama Sutra sex position. 

There is a 2nd position I discussed in Nidia of Garden of Eden agency review. Position 2 I have not been able to find exactly but is similar to some Tantra positions. It is more about a loving "connection" (both physically and a more spiritual or real human heart connection with the other person). Hint: It involves interaction back and forth with muscle. I once had a dumbbell device designed for women to strengthen it which some say gives stronger orgasms as well enjoy more interaction with a partner who is using the same muscle. Another hint: Pubococcygeus.

I have never been interested specifically in Hindu Tantra beliefs or Kuma Sutra. The deep breathing stuff of Tantra just makes me hyperventilate. I have no interest or beliefs in the Hindu Chakras that is the basis of Tantra but respect the beliefs of those that do.

However, some intimate sexual positions that I have independently enjoyed over the decades I find are similar to those in Tantra or Kama Sutra. Until I looked it up, I didn't know the difference between these two terms. Some explain the difference as:

In the Kama Sutra, sex is for pleasure. Kama Sutra is an old eastern philosophy that goes into the details of different positions that increase the chances of the woman to enjoy sex. Their book shows the details of each position. Kama Sutra is more about the positions of sex and sexuality designed to facilitate enjoyment by both partners. “Sutra” itself means a collection. “Kama” pertains to sexual desires. More importantly, it focuses on the superficial aesthetic enjoyment of sex.

In Tantra, sex is for spiritual experience based on Hindu gods and belief in sexual/spiritual energy and Chakras. Some of the positions interest me because my focus is on a real connection - intimacy - for the moment - with another human soul, not just a body to thrust in sexually.

Of course, I only do this as friends and when it involves sex is not part of any fee arrangement other than for companionship time in compliance with C36.

Laura at SF Incall Thurs 6/15/2016

BTW a PM I got from Nadia Review says well my interests:

 "Enjoy your respectful reviews...I prefer human not just animal interaction".

I had to try about four times to set up appointment since phone said: "mailbox is full." Was about to go to my #2 option CeCe at TF, which was nearer at airport incall. But then reached SFT nice Booker. My "Toronto Friend" was encouraging me to go DT again and then meet him afterward nearby for dinner again, which I was very happy to do. We always have a great time. 

Friend had many recommendations for companions at SFT, but most of them were not on the schedule while I was here or I had another priority. He highly recommends Rachel, but she hasn't been on the schedule during my ten days here. 

For Laura, I was attracted to the reviews and comments by KK56 and Einar and most of the pictures on the site - the highlight picture not as attractive to me as some of the others, although that picture mirror view is great.

Einar posted: "Laura, from South America with deeply bronzed skin, speaks fairly good English, and is naturally sensuous. Also late 20s, I'd guess. Educated and again easy to converse with. Her accurate photos are lovely and womanly, but don't reveal her friendly smile... Laura is likely in her later 20s - just entering the perfect age range for escorts, for some of us."

Parts of KK56 posts I liked the most:

“Nice refined exotic Latina, full gfe, but more cuddling type. Likes to kiss/cuddle, some bbbj, too sensitive to daty, but likes finish. Excellent choice for the elderly fragile client like I am... Little older very exotic true Latina. Slim...toned. Nice face, sexy hair. Cuddling type of gfe suitable to old folks like me. Kissing, bbbj although relatively superficial, kissing all over-not balls- does not like daty claiming sensitivity. Good anatomy, real tight grip. Nice time for those who like to cuddle, not pse type. I could be her grandpa-Those older gents who like slow cuddling she is the right type. 

I especially liked the cuddle, cuddling, and of course all the elderly, older gents which I am - but not "fragile".

My Review 45 minute terb special for $170

My friend gave me good directions to a parking lot a few blocks away - the traffic and parking are why I usually avoid downtown, but my friend keeps luring me there and then dinner afterward. 

Arrived in the area early as usual about 7:45 PM for an 8 PM appointment but need that time to find parking. Did a run by the address and thought I was going East to the suggested lot but was going West. Took series of lefts to get back on the street the other way! Fortunately, I spotted a street parking spot about two blocks away. Had to evaluate all the no parking signs but none applied to this late, and there was another car I was pulled ahead of that was parked. After some trouble figuring out the parking meter thing - why does it say "Overpay ...or Cancel" there was no cancel button or anything that made sense even after carefully reading all the instructions.. and its starting to rain! With no other options, I just pressed the Green button and somehow it accepted by credit card and issued a permit!

OK, arrive at condo exactly at 8 PM. Call to get buzzer code and Room and get "all mailboxes full" message. However on the 2nd call got a nice human who gave me info and got to Laura.

Yes! Very attractive body, friendly, explained my oddity of skip the usual beginning stuff but do massage at first. Liked that idea and as almost every gal quickly complimented me on my good touch massage. Her nice breasts are sensitive so just light on them. 

I had two minor concerns. I had some problems with her Latin accent for communications, and she had some problems in some things I was saying. So slightly limited English made for somewhat less verbal communications than with the others I've met. 2nd was in my view she wasn't as naturally intimate at least in beginning like the others.... Close cuddling like the full body I like was limited as she said it was too "hot" as in warm I believe. I found the music a bit too loud but that was minor...I am too picky. For various reasons I felt not even to try what I have called positions 1 and 2 in other reviews.

On the very positive side, as friends, not part of any fee arrangement the sex was great. She seemed to really enjoy it and get into it. Some loud expressions of "Oy, Oy, Oy, I think were positive not sure exactly what that means :) Very sexy body and response all good. Don't PM asking about bbbj's, COMs, DATY, etc., I have no idea since that isn't my interest. Others have reported on that with her. Yes, I believe well shaved... but again not something I particularly notice or care about. Yes, some nice light kissing.

Towards the end, while just lying together relaxing she reacted and responded in kind to some of my little caring touch things like stroking face, ears, liked my hand holding and hand massaging (and in earlier massage phase), etc.

Overall I didn't have quite the KK56 experience on the intimacy side or that I had with at least 3 of the prior four incalls. KK56 may have other techniques than I. However it was a very enjoyable more 'sexy" experience with nice women with a beautiful sexy body for my tastes.

As in at least 3 of the four prior incalls we ran a bit overtime (left at exactly 9 PM after rapidly dressing) and I was the one to kind of hint we may be out of time. Towards the end, she was simply relaxed and enjoying my type of touch interaction making it seemed her to relaxed to be aware of time! Usually, I say something like, "I could go on for hours like this but am aware of time limits and don't want you to get into trouble."

Met my Toronto Friend nearby and had a great dinner in the area. 

Getting out of downtown my GPS had me going in circles briefly. It started when at some point the GPS said to turn right on Lake Shore Drive East at some three way intersection. But there was a huge sign pointing left to Lake Shore Drive East. Light turns green and which do I choose??? I followed the sign which was a mistake - seems the GPS was right, and I did a tour of downtown again - I have no idea where I was - before getting back on track heading back to Square One area. 

I had a scare with the GPS after leaving "Toronto Friend" after dinner... it died. I couldn't get it to come back on. If all else failed, I had maps on my 6" 1520 MS phone on an extension in front of me. But maps like GPSPro don't have voice commands and find my Garmin GPS much better for driving - I have it also mounted on the dash not extended out like the phone. Finally, I found the problem. I always have it plugged into a multi-plug adapter in the car's aux port (or cig lighter thing). I can power five different gadgets if needed from the one car outlet. Somehow the connection to the GPS plug was loose, so it had been running who knows how long on batteries, not car juice and had run down. As soon as I fixed the connection it worked fine. When driving on have the phone showing WAZE for live traffic, police and construction info. If stopped at a light may scan the hundreds of e-mails I am behind to trash as many as I can vs ones I have to read seriously or reply to later at the hotel.

Need to start packing for early Friday departure but may consider one more incall on Thursday... so many great choices, but time and my money is running out as usual :) Always am over budget on these trips as I see years worth of women in 10 days! If only we had these options in the U.S., more than just the huge legal issues!

BTW, I am really interested in the looks of Rachel at, and my friend highly recommends. I am attracted to slender black women, and she has some good reviews. But, do I want to fight downtown traffic and the parking mess vs. other options near the airport of Square 1 where my hotel is at? And have to leave early Friday morning... fill rental car with gas, load up 50 lbs of luggage, computer stuff, etc.

"O Canada" may be gender neutral again

While enjoying the adult freedoms in Canada, The Canadian House voted 225-74 to change the words of their national anthem "O Canada" returning it to its gender-neutral original. Conservatives, however, may try and block the change in the Senate and delay action.

Changing those two words has ignited an emotional debate between those who dislike any change to the lyrics of “O Canada” and those who want to see them modernized to implicitly acknowledge women.

Weir's original lyrics from 1908 contained no religious references and used the phrase "thou dost in us command" before they were changed by Weir in 1914 to read "in all thy sons command."

I enjoy the anthem especially since I appreciate Canada so much on my Summer trips for over a decade and fondly recall years ago after a great session with Madam Roses gal in Phoenix, I was a bit late to a meet and greet party and a companion sang O Canada as I walked in knowing my fondness for Canadian adult freedoms. She had a great voice and did the complete 1st verse.

In 2015 I enjoyed the musical comedy of the history of Canada at the Oh Canada dinner theater on Lundy's Lane in Niagara Falls. I had a front row table seat. It was some of the best live entertainment I've enjoyed in years. The location is not far from the great strip clubs although Sundowner is the only one left that is booming and open daily. 

It will be interesting if they change the wording when they sing O Canada or have to wait until the official change passes the Senate if it ever does.

About the show:

The award-winning Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show has entertained over 800,000 guests from around the world and is the seven-time winner of Niagara Falls Tourism's Attraction of the Year.

Our two-hour show features all-Canadian music; from maritime folk songs to modern pop. Come meet our singing Mountie, Hockey Player, Anne of Green Gables, Klondike Kitty and more. Full of laughs, this musical celebration of Canada will delight audiences of all ages.

 At what other restaurant are you served your dinner by a singing Mountie?

A new, re-imagined version of the Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show is now on stage. This high-energy production features over 65 songs from all-Canadian artists including music from Celine Dion, the Bare Naked Ladies, Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne & Paul Anka.

Really good Ted talk about how our future consenting adult sexwork should look

As a person commented: "Am i really watching a video that promotes prostitution and the crowd applauds?"

Some PM's and Posts in response to my reviews:

"I'm going to miss reading your reviews when your gone. You cracked me up."

"Nice review Dave. Good to see you back in action."

"Welcome back, Dave. We always enjoy your Yankee perspectives on our humble Canadian town. Happy hobbying!"

Dave notes, yah, I wish I could find my kind of intimacy responsive women that are my preferred body type in Phoenix not just Canada. I am working on some ideas.

"Your post mentioning Rose of Phoenix brings back memories. I split my time between Phx & Toronto and met Rose many times while using her service. She was so atypical of the stereotype when I dealt with her, a nice lady who ran a reliable operation. When she died I never found a decent replacement. I used to subscribe to your list and if you still have it would like to do so when I return to Phoenix in the Fall."

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