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September 2021 - Dave's Toronto Strip club Reviews 

Note: $ is in $CDN = about 79% in $US so nice discount advantage in the currency i.e. $CDN100 = $79USD

Wed Night New Loco Bust than great gal at Club Atlantis 
Finally back in Canada for 10 days. Had a great dinner with a friend near downtown and recall why I hate the traffic and often confusing road signs. My Goggle mapping bailed me out of two premature or late turns. I have it window mounted but with fast-moving traffic and needed fast lane changes having to look up for split-second sometimes lane changes are too fast to get right. Came  in on the Gardner.   

Back to my hotel. Since New Loco only about half a mile from my hotel, arrived about 11:46 PM. I fondly remember the original Locomotion and various old clubs that no longer exist since coming to Toronto most years until the Covid for 15 or more years. 

You check-in for contact info/ temp check but other than the servers almost no one is masked.  Somewhat a concern since have to again have Covid test within 3 days of return to the US.  Of course, fully vaccinated or won't let us into Canada.   

I counted about 15 guys and maybe 5-6 dancers.  Some were attractive to me.  Had my required diet coke for $7.05 (gave her $10 don't want to deal with CDN loose change if can avoid it.)  Then boredom set in!  I sat where I could be easily seen by dancers.   I have zero interest in stage dancing - seen zillions of naked bodies- just enjoy $20 dances in no extras.   But that was not to be had in about 45 minutes when I gave up with boredom.   A few good-looking dancers approached some guys but not poor old Dave.  Most likely the about 4 approaches to others were known, customers. 

Fortunately, I had hit pay dirt with one dancer at Cafe Atlantis- next review
Cafe Atlantis  Wed late night
After a boring time at New Locomotion went to Cafe Atlantis.  

You check-in for contact info/ temp check but other than the servers almost no one is masked.  Somewhat a concern since have to again have Covid test within 3 days of return to the US.  Of course, fully vaccinated or won't let us into Canada.   

Had my required diet coke for $7.05 (gave her $10 don't want to deal with CDN loose change if can avoid it.)

I often stand awhile by the kind of wall thing that sticks out before go up to the upper area.  In the past sometimes was a good place to be seen as dancers come by vs. buried in the crowd at tables.   

I was immediately aggressively approaching by a very tall (I like) Attractive body and friendly face.  However, she had huge fake breasts which are a total turnoff for me.  Worse for me, she started talking about how much she wanted to do sexy things with me, was bored and would I give her some money or do 5 dances for $100.  I kind of felt sorry for her - was attractive other than huge breasts and sexy talk. I am sure plenty of guys like sexy talks and huge breasts, but I am not one! She says she is also active on Terb. I even told her "no offense but really am not interested in large breasts.  But that didn't fully deter her from trying some more for 5 dances. 

I then escaped my perch and went to a table in the upper area.   Soon a nice approach and sit in my lap by Cassidy.   Nice discussion, very nice body type.  Did always wear a mask (related to her other profession she did when clubs were closed and still does).  Up the stairs, we sent to the VIP for $20 dancers. 

We really clicked.  If I have this right born in the US, moved to Thailand and then many years in Toronto. When she knew I was from Phoenix, mentioned she had been in Scottsdale a few months ago. I have also been to Thailand and joked about I should pay her in Baht  But most of all we hit it off physically (no extras).  She is a rare 5 on Dave's infamous intimacy scale for those that have followed my reviews.  

Not to sound like God's gift to women, some guys may want to learn some intimacy skills that have nothing to do with sex that I find many dancers enjoy.   Most dancers especially like my breast massaging vs as she said most men just pluck and pounce on them. Great cuddling skills while I am massaging back etc. (Am trained in Esalen and taught it for couples). She was the perfect type of dancer I enjoy with personality, openness about her life and her sexuality, and that intimacy connection for me much more meaningful than "sex". 

She also asked me after each dance song if I wanted another and we knew the count.  She had me keep doing a few things on her after the last song was over. 

I usually like a variety in women when at clubs (if I can get them to approach old Dave!). Usually, 3 dances are my limit if I really like someone.  I did 5 with her because we hit it off so well, not because like Big Breast gal she insisted on it. 

There were other dancers I was interested in.  But could not get any to approach me.  One I thought had eye contact with me and I was trying to smile invitingly.  She makes a beeline for me...well no, the guy in front of me who she seemed to know.  There were quite a few nice Arab looking guys (head thing) and they seemed to be getting lots of gals approaching

I was almost going to approach a few gals that were just standing around deciding who to solicit, but I was too slow as they approached others who went to the VIP with her. I have never found the secret of being approached.  I joke I should wear a sign "pick me".  Since I get very bored just sitting without a dancer.  Left about 1:30 AM as the crowd was thinning as were the dancers.  I tried taking my stand on that wall that sticks out again making sure out of the way of folks coming through to the bar area, but no luck.  

Back to the hotel after a very enjoyable time with Cassidy.
Short Trip Cafe Atlantis Sept 21
After Blue Lagoon massage, a bit after 1 AM stopped by again at Cafe Atlantis. Was quite busy but soon make contact with Lana before the drink lady got to me (which is good since didn't have to get my diet coke).   Lana nice soft maybe C breasts she easily had me caressing, From Kitchener seems quite young.  Did 3 dances and about an average 3 on my 0-5 intimacy scale (5 is rare). 

Hadn't had any dinner yet so found a nearby 24 hr A&W take-out and returned to my nearby hotel. 
Midway Invader Wed afternoon
I had not seen recent reports on Midway Invader which I have enjoyed pre-Covid for many years.  So after getting my Covid test to get back into the US, swung by.

Yes open.  Looks the same as years ago.  Flags hanging from the tall ceiling, porn on the left monitor, large stage with a davenport on it. Large bar area in back and VIP areas both upstairs and left side of the building. $20 dances in VIP as standard in the area. 

Had my usual diet coke, but no dancers to be seen and I counted 8 guys mostly sitting like me on the tall seats in front of the bar area.  Asked the coke girl about any dancers and she said yes they are all doing VIP dances. 

After about 10 minutes dancer showed up on stage, not my body type.  But shortly after Brazilian/Portuguese Aleaa sp? nice greeting, nice body good conversation, and off to the VIP left we go. 

Did my usual 3 dances if I like someone.  Great connection, enjoyed my type of mutual intimacy - not interested in extras, good conversation.  A 4 on my infamous 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 rare. 

As I was leaving so an attractive slimmer dancer talking to another guy at the bar high table.  But having seen ten women now (2 massage and eight dancers) have had plenty of nice women contact this trip.  

Making my 4th trip for dinner with friends downtown - staying near the airport and tomorrow night going to a meeting of the Mississauga Amateur Radio group meeting. 

Thurs Afternoon at MDS (Million Dollar Saloon)
I didn't know if MDS was open again since didn't recall any recent reviews.  In the past had some great times there so kind of on my way back to the hotel from HFH in Brampton.   Yes open.

Layout as used to be but I was about the only customer it seemed at a glance with maybe 5 dancers hanging out mostly talking to each other (what else to do!).    I think I was able to avoid the usually required drink (diet coke for me)

I don't like being trapped at a table so I stand front side of the bar thing where easily seen by dancers.  Soon nicely approached by Melissa and engage in a good conversation.  Cute face, body a bit larger than my ideal.  From Nova Scotia nice gal so despite not being perfect up the stairs we go for my exercise of the day.  No one else there so go to her favorite office.   Did 3 dances, nice, average 3 on my 0-5 intimacy scale.  Had worked her 12 years before Covid closed.

Back down and checked out the men's room since I like to wash hands between dancers and... Fairly clean just no soap and the air dryers didn't work but they had tissue laid out.  Also on entry no writing down name or temp check as in where I was Thurs night (Cafe Atlantis/New Locomotion, and no temp or any guy at the entrance.   

One of the dancers did say have to be fully vaccinated to work here - which I assume is with all the clubs - which of course I would hope so.

Spotted a smaller dancer-looking board sitting on a stool front side of the bar. So I approached her asking if she was looking for a few dances.  Had a good conversation. Was Kim.  Up we went for 3 dances. When sitting she had her breasts completely covered so didn't realize they were enhanced D's (I prefer natural C's or smaller ones).  She enjoyed playing with her girls was ok.  But lots of shake booty in face etc - somehow I should communicate does nothing for me.   OK, a 2 on my 0-5 intimacy scale. 

Back to the hotel and found a Timmy's nearby - I always love their Chili/Bread thing but it's mostly take out now.  Back to the hotel with it.. wish I brought a paper plate with me!  Then had lots of business and other emails to catch up on.

BTW this is a long shot but any hams reading this.  In my spare time may do some hamming from the hotel I operate remotely to large antennas and full power using many US stations as well as Haiti (HH2AA) and KP4/ from Puerto Rico. I  have at least one ham I may meet in Toronto that lives near my hotel who I have met on the air. 

Taking a break tonight and going back downtown to meet another friend and a couple friend of his.

Finish off the trip at Pure Gold - a great time
Over the last 10-days have enjoyed 12 gals (2 Massage and 10 dancers) and visited most of the old strip clubs I use to go to that are still open other than Pure Gold had the opportunity to finish off most of my Canadian money on Thurs night. 

I remembered Pure Gold was kind of far out from where I stay near the airport but had met many Eastern Europeans there in the past which seemed to be more my type of sensuality and intimacy vs many other nationalities - with exceptions of course. 

Would up as a visitor and did a short presentation at a ham radio club meeting on kind of Westside of Mississauga.  Looked up Pure Gold and was about 20 minutes away per Goggle Map so decided to check it out, as not many recent reviews that I could find since clubs reopened with proof of vaccine of course.   

Ah yes, Pure Gold layout just like remembered from many visits years ago.  Reminded me why I liked it so much.  Looked very clean and modern with I think new bright sign out front.  The back bar area and the high standing chairs with tall tables in various areas besides the near the stage lower level seats.  $10 entry fee and my usual diet coke - they give you the whole bottle.

Maybe 15 customers around 10 PM.  Usually, I get bored at clubs waiting for an attractive to me dancer to approach since I really have no interest in naked stage dancers or drinking (seen zillions of naked women no big deal in my old age).

Soon approached by friendly Anastasia from Belarus. Nice intro talk and off we go to the nice very private VIP rooms with a nice place to put drink and my eyeglasses.  Since sometimes the songs run together and since she was attractive I did my usual let's do 3 songs so no confusion as to counting.  Every time I do this get a good response so don't have to try and guess when songs transitioned which are unclear at some clubs.  Anastasia is a 4 on my infamous 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 being rare and has nothing to do with extras or sex stimulation by caressing intimacy which is what I enjoy (and many dancers say they do). 

Back to the table soon arrives Lisa, a Hungarian.  Perhaps a bit more mature, very friendly face I enjoy. Shared what she did to earn money during the Covid closing (cleans folks homes etc).  Very sharp nice body although both her and Antasia breasts a bit larger than my ideal but personality made up for it.  Mentioned "Lisa" doesn't sound very Hungarian, Told me kind of like the real name which is a translation from German of a  drink...  So off we went to VIP.  Obviously very experienced in the art of dance sensuality. I didn't realize before her breasts are enhanced which is not my thing, but she made up for it in sensuality and personality.  

I will note for future trips to spend more time here even though it's a bit further out from most of the clubs I visit near the airport. Instead of having to get more Canadian money decided it was a good end to my 10-day trip and need to pack for the return trip to Phoenix.  I have my exit negative COVID test needed to get back into the US, just like I had to have before getting into Canada and of course had to be fully vaccinated. 

Besides all the wonderful women, had 4 dinner meetings with friends braving your traffic to downtown each time, including returning to the hotel in a heavy rainstorm Wed night!   Especially enjoyed meeting the Syrian refugee friend of my long-time friend who is a software engineer now in Toronto with a stop for a year in Malaysia after fleeing Syria and father still in Turkey.

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