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June 2017 - Dave's Toronto Strip club Reviews (see also Nude Reverse and Companion Reviews)

Note: $ is in $CDN = about 74% in $US so nice discount advantage in the currency i.e. $CDN100 = $74USD

Midway Invader about 4-6 PM Friday 6/2/2017

After my long adventure for an hour trying to find a Tom Horton's that existed vs. vacant lots, my map App was taking me to, and a few drive through's. I wanted to relax inside after the long prior day of travel. I had last eaten at about midnight at Zets a few miles from my hotel. Gee, their buns are so big hard to get in the mouth! But I liked their bacon burger with onion rings!

I recalled that Million Dollar Salon was closer - I wasn't up for the stairs . So took off with GPS to Midway Invader (MI). Recent reports are it has gone down hill since my many visits for nearly 20 years. It uses to be much busier and there use not have the back end tenant, so parking was all the way to the back when it had larger crowds in its heyday. 

Not expecting much but wanting to visit for old time sake. I use to meet some guys from various boards at MI. 

The first impression confirmed not well maintained. The restroom a mess, most toilets had broken seats, etc. First couples dancers I turned down not my body type (prefer slimmer smaller natural breasts) But were a few I was attracted to body wise. My Diet Coke was $6.50. Not very busy for a late Friday afternoon maybe 10-15 guys and maybe as many dancers.

And then came "C." Older attractive and most of all we seemed to immediately connect as long lost friends while I was sitting at far right wall tables by VIP wall with stools, my usual spot. Her mother had lived in Scottsdale for awhile, and she loved Phoenix area in the summer. Then we talked about the clubs - she also use to work in Niagara also. I mentioned plan to do more escorts this trip vs. so many strip clubs and talked about the agencies and legal situation, She offers outcall's but at $400 so could see why I wouldn't be interested as she knows the agencies are more reasonably priced. She really likes working at MI as management is liberal (vs. Pure Gold for example) and the dancers are kind of a happy family. I always mention not interested in 'extra's" just more cuddly, nice touch type dances.

Did a few great dances. Immediate well matched my quality touch intimacy response. She mentioned how my soft hands on breast massage etc. felt so good and compared to what she experiences with some guys. I often get this response both at Phoenix clubs and in Toronto and courage men to learn good caring touch skills. 

After a few great nude dances, she asked if I was staying long, I asked any other nice dancers like you (intelligent and nice body and naturals). She said if I like black gals (yes if slimmer), she said Diamond did great artist type sensual stage dancers would be my body type, although she doesn't know about her private dances...since she has of course never had one from her. 

As we were leaving the VIP, she pointed out she was on stage, and when done she would direct her over to me.

Back at my "sit" I turned down two dancers saying wanting for Diamond or a friend. Then, sure enough as Diamond was coming off the stage "C" directed her to me. I think she was somewhat surprised by the "referral" to another dancer. But this fits "C's" very helpful attitude. 

So I have a nice buried chat with Diamond, and to the rear, we go. Very nice small body, naturals just right size for me. From Canada but parent/s were from Trinidad reflecting her blackness. I was turned off originally by her black netting type body suit thing although with breasts exposed. I prefer more full body contact not via clothing. Then her net caught on my pen in pocket, and then it got caught on a button on my shirt. Then it got caught on her own watch! Enough of this she said as she took it off. Mentioned another gal suggested it in the change room but would never wear it again!

Her dances were more like a sensual performance but not quite the same more my type I had with "C." But enjoyable for two dances and with good verbal discussion ( the song was almost impossible to dance to) etc.

There were a few young really great looking gals, although sometimes a bit older better when I enjoy intelligence in discussion as long as body is my type. Could have enjoyed more dancers but. I have to catch up on work e-mails, check my pre-trip spreadsheets of companions to match who is available when, work on my schedule for next 9 days, meeting with friend for dinner sometime, have two museums want to go to and the airline simulator in Mississauga... in addition to maybe a visit to other clubs I always visit and other options. Also, the owners of Oasis club have been in contact and want to give me a tour next week. 

I may try New Locomotion later tonight. I use to enjoy years ago the original Loco as well as now long gone Cannonball. 

BTW the Landing Strip is a few blocks from my hotel. However, I have never considered for what I like per reviews. Also Hooters, but I have no interest in just being teased by sexy waitress. I am also getting a very bad exchange rate conversion from CIBC ATM's, but exact real rate with RBC. Trying to find out why the big difference.
New Loco, Cafe Atlantis, Million Dollar Fri 6/3/2017

I headed out for New Loco about 11 PM. I got to an intersection at Renforth where my GPS said to turn right. But the right turn is closed due to construction. I tried to rest my GPS and find another way in. Then looked at map and gee Matheson is just ahead so why as the GPS trying to turn me here? Oh.... yes Matheson is next but about 100 feet off the ground going above Renforth! I ran around all over back streets trying find a another way in. But without a more detailed map and taking lost of time looking I gave up. Now looking at map I think I could find my way off Englinton sp? back to Matheson.

Next stop Cafe Atlantis. Easy find my GPS. However, it was packed with standing room only with lots of guys standing (mostly young blacks). There were some good looking gals but figured my chances of being approached nil to none. So left before they got me for the required drink.. Just drinking and watching naked women dance is not my interest vs some direct contact and dances. 

I usually want to avoid weekend nights at clubs since usually so busy. But I headed over to Million Dollar just to see if any hope there. Was busy but not full. I found my usual seat/stool with back to bar area far right. Kind of a wild crowd. Some guy on stage being whipped by a dancer and then guy climbed to top of poll and stuff. The crowd and DJ were going wild, didn't really do anything for me. Quite a few good looking dancers but the too often problem of not being approached. Lots of gals standing around just talking guys, but not going for dancers, not many working the floor, seemed more like hanging out with friends. Although some did go by me with guys in hand to go upstairs. I could be more aggressive and approach a dancer but I rarely do. Some dancers like us old guys, others probably don't want to interact with Grandpa. So I wait in hopes of being approached by the right body type dancer (slimmer, smaller naturals and like tall but not that important).

After about 30 minutes after my $6.75 diet coke (I wish the short cute Asian waitress was a dancer), I was about to give up when up comes Leslie. Not much introduction but right body type and friendly so up we go to her office. A few nice dances but nothing like with the two last night at Midway Invader. But very much worth the 2 songs.

In a few more minutes approached by Roxy. Tall, exotic looking smaller my sized breasts, short intro like how are you, do you want a dance. I took a chance and up we went. Has some good conversation in lap before "our song" started. She is Indian (as in Asia). Is about 5-8 without her big spiked heels. Quite nice few dances and she mentions how nice my soft hands feel on her body and how I know what to do. Good experience.  BTW, She calls herself Roxy... something.... after a song popular in the 80's. She was surprised I didn't know it so she sang a bit of it.. but I foget the Roxy something song title. Left about 1:30AM.
Midway Invader Sun late night about midnight
After Nude-reverse good massage at Obsession (separate report) decided to stop by MI since I had such a good time with C and Diamond on Friday afternoon.  Didn't expect them to be there at night but...they were as well as other attractive gals. 

The waitress was cute with nice contact. I believe she said Lily (Asian) and said she use to be a dancer.  I'd sure dance with her.  Very friendly with lots of guys she sat with besides taking orders. 

At first thought, I would leave since so few customers and dancers working the floor.  The in front of bar area had lots of guys who seemed to know each other and dancers.   Only one table was taken with a nice looking blonde sitting with two Indian guys talking and flirting.  She kind of looked like "C" that I liked so much from Friday.  Then they went to bar area near me.  As I was about to give up being approached she hugged and left the guys and headed over to me (I had made some eye contact).  She didn't remember me immediately, but I knew it was her when gave her name.  Within about 30 seconds she remembered me as the great guy and off we went to her office.   

In the back of her office area, a guy was spread out in a booth, looking like he was by himself. "C" went over and insisted he had to leave the area if not with a dancer.  Ah, the dancer was under something, and Ce quickly apologized for trying to kick him out since the dancer was hidden from view. 

C is one of the most outgoing, bubbly, friendly personality I've met and in a very friendly good way.   As last Friday we had an immediate great connection as she enjoys the same sensual, quality intimacy (not sex) type of interaction.  I told her I prefer more with an escort in bed but not in a VIP. She mentioned she had a hotel room and would make me a good deal (less than what she quoted Friday and realized I do Agency pricing at much lower).  She was not trying to sell me hard but seemed sincere in wanting to be with me.  But when I passed she didn't persist or anything.  Was very polite, and a great my type of dancer and body.   C works at MI various weekdays and only at night on Sunday.

I have a lot to do yet back at the hotel with a busy calendar to organize so decided not to try and catch other dancers who were quite scared with such a small crowd.
New Loco Search for Sassy Monday 11 PM 6/5/2017
A few days ago I got lost trying to find New Loco. Following my GPS just a few miles from my hotel, the right turn to take onto Matheson was closed for construction.  I saw on the map it's the next street ahead so why is it trying to turn me here?  Well, yes Matheson is next street... about 100 feet overhead going over the current street.  I didn't know back way in to approach from other side so gave up and when to another club.

Tonight I knew from studying map it was easy to approach another way.  However, didn't need since no construction site so easy to get to, although it's a bit hidden from Matheson.  From prior years visit, I recognized the area and found it. 

Not very busy Monday night but plenty of good looking gals.   I would say probably the best assortment of my type of dancers that the other clubs I've visited the last few days. 

Took my usual seat on stools front of bar area (don't like to be "stuck" at a table but more easily seen where dancers walk by. Had my usual Diet Coke.   Guy next to me was very talkative, and a couple of dancers thought we were together. 

A year ago I did a late run after settling into my hotel and didn't get to New Loco till 1:40 AM looking for a fast dance before closing.  I immediately ran into Sassy and had a really nice dance/s before the club closed.  Very sharp and a rare five on my 0-5 intimacy scale.  I read that she still works here so wanted to try and find her.  However had no idea what she looked like as it has been a year and I have a hard time remembering dancers looks since I see so many!

There was a group of 3 dancers talking, and I told them I was wondering if they knew a Sassy and if she was working.  Yes, think she is now (somewhere) being very helpful.  One, cute with glasses Ashley offered to direct Sassy over to me once she came back.  The dancers were all very willing to help me find Sassy.

A while later a couple of dancers walked by led by Ashley saying here she is!  However I wasn't sure which of the two was Sassy and passed me going somewhere else :(

I never did find Sassy but had a great time with two others who were also a highest rare five on my intimacy scale.

Ashley came to me and had a great conversation and my stand and then a few dances.  Very nice body, my ideal and great touch interaction and my type of sensuality.  From Nova Scotia

Meika from Croatia - Also good conversation at my "stand" and good touch.   At the Trio clubs I usually mention yes will do a few dances but I am not into extra's so I won't get the typical "sales"  I have never been turned down for "just dances" however I have read reports that some dancers don't want to bother with us that aren't willing to pay for extra's.   Not my interest in a VIP vs. in bed with a companion at a far better rate for the time.

Well, between Meika's somewhat soft voice, the music noise and her slight accent, a few moments of confusion but then she kind of laughed saying she never does extra's, so that is great.  She thinks she prefers the less liberal Toronto clubs, but it takes a long time to get licensed in Toronto vs. Sauga.   

Wow, was Meika sensual and responsive in dances.  Another rare five on my intimacy scale.   The only negative was even with great dances I limit myself to two dances since trying not to spend too much and allocate not more than $100 a night at clubs.  I am also doing some companions (about $270/hr) Nude-reverse adult parlors in Sauga (about $160) besides lots of strip clubs.  I enjoy variety in each venue but have already spent a great deal in my first five days.  I am going to slow down a bit but have a few others on my schedule and especially Sold Gold for their 2 for 1 Tuesday day or all day Wed.  I assume by "all day" that means evening also.  I also have two nonadult activity meetings in the next few days as well as some tourist things on my agenda for the week.

Anyway, why I got into this was that after the 1st dance I had mentioned to Meika "one more" but sometimes it's hard to tell the ending of songs as sometimes keeps going between.  When I thought we were done with 2, I said great, but that's my limit.  She insisted it had been four songs.  Actually, it very well may have been, but I didn't think it was that long.  Anyway, I blew my budget and willingly paid all 4, and that didn't detract from how much I enjoyed her.

I only had a few $20s left and decided to give up on finding Sassy.  Rae nicely approached me, and I would have done dancers with her if I had not overspent on Meika.

After so many dancers this trip (and others) and kind of dance red out but with great experiences.  And I usually really like the Eastern Europeans at Solid Gold.

An enjoyable time even with the small issue.
Pure Gold Tuesday afternoon 6/6/2017
3rd year I have noted address is wrong on their website which I always mention to the gals.   The site says  Windor when its Royal Windsor Dr.   First time years ago had a hard time finding since GPS couldn't find any "Windor."

I was there for their 2 for one dances.  Was surprised not very busy but some good looking gals. Assume much more busy at night.  

Soon Amber sitting at the bar kind of waved me over to her.  Nice body, quite a talker. When she found I was from the U.S., she pointed out her flag she uses to sit on. She originally I believe from Ft. Lauderdale Florida.   I said wanted to get a set of 2for1's with a variety of dancers and off we went to her office.  Nice boy and sensuality although kept asking for more dances and everyone tips her $20.  Fairly hard sell which I rejected and never tip dancers (and never do extra's).    She might have had a bit much to drink, not sure.  I enjoyed her except not much of a connection after I turned down her up sell. 

I was wondering where were the Eastern Europeans I usually like at Solid Gold for their often natural sensuality.

Didn't have to wait long!

Laura from Hungary. She comes to my stool, hugs and greets me like old friends.  I could tell immediately she was my type for sensuality.  She said she recognized me from a long time ago.  That is very possible!  (Back at hotel looking at 2016 report don't find her but she seemed familiar).   Off we went for a 2 for 1.  Very much my type of sensuality and moves.  A rare five on my 0-5 intimacy scale. BTW, mentioned last year happened to be there for customer appreciation night with all the food (which I didn't come for or know about).  She said should be one soon this year but not yet announced.  Yes, the place was packed but very few guys getting dances just there for the free food!

I then avoided some larger breasted gals but while larger than my ideal slender really cute gal with a nice face, I smiled at and she diverted to my side.  Jasmine, Persian been in Canada about four years with good English no major accent made for a good conversation.   She had to go on stage next and I promised to wait for her.  She left her seat cover thing in chair next to me, kind of to show I am taken?   Returned and did some great dances, great body even with breasts larger than my ideal.  A 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with five rare.

A plus is the men's room is cleaner and nicer than most of the clubs

Didn't want to overdue it and had to get back to the hotel to get ready for a dinner meeting at 7:20 near downtown.  My gosh, I left at 6:30 from near airport and 401 was terrible.  Didn't get to the restaurant near Leslie and York until 7:45!  Fortunately, my friend figured I was stuck in 401 traffic.  Confirms why I stay on Westside and try to avoid towards downtown as much as possible.


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